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Best cars for Father's Day 2021

If you’re feeling super generous, or just fancy having a chat about ‘the good old days’ of automotive, how about our pick of the best cars for Father’s Day? There’s a few classics in there, a few proper dad cars, and a couple of newer options too.

It’s Father’s Day on Sunday 20 June. To celebrate all the father figures in your life, you’ve still got time to pop to the shops.
You could get him a last-minute card with the obligatory naff message on it: ‘You’re beer-illiant’ (picture of a pint), ‘something about being old and ranting at the TV’ (picture of cartoon dad in pants watching the football)… or, do as I did when I was six and write him a card with ‘Happy Farther’s Day’ on it. If you’re looking for some budget-friendly gift options for your car-enthusiast dad, why not consider getting personalised number plates, car modifications or a car wrap to surprise your dad with a new look for his car. If you’re feeling super generous, or just fancy having a chat about ‘the good old days', how about our pick of the best cars for Father’s Day? There are a few classics in there, a few proper dad cars, and a couple of newer options too.

Jaguar E-Type

For the most dapper of dads, how about a proper classic; the iconic Jaguar E-Type. Enzo Ferrari called it ‘the most beautiful car ever made’, and you don’t want to argue with him.
What’s more, it’s the Jaguar E-Type’s 60th anniversary this year, so if you need talking points, how about start the special day by discussing this landmark? We’ve also got five more reasons the Jaguar E-type still matters for you to keep the conversation going. Discover Jaguar E-Types for sale on Auto Trader.


A classic, classic car. You might see a few of them around, but they look great. You can pick one up relatively affordable and it can be a fun project for you both to work on together.
Discover MG MGB GTs for sale on Auto Trader.

BMW M3 Saloon

This one’s for all the cool dads – an iconic saloon by BMW with lots of history and heritage, but one that’s also extremely fast and powerful to make you feel like the superhero you are with its all-new turbocharged six-cylinder engine which makes the M3 absolutely thrilling to drive.
Discover new and used BMW M3 for sale on Auto Trader.

Land Rover Defender

Relive your fond memories in the outdoors, perhaps time spent mountaineering or going camping with your dad, with the rugged Land Rover Defender.
The latest Land Rover Defender 110 SUV comes with lots of tech found in modern SUVs so it’s perfect for those dads who are always looking at specs for extra safety equipment and features. Discover Land Rover Defenders 110 for sale on Auto Trader.

VW Transporter

Does your dad have a lot of stuff, and like to take that stuff with him? For the ultimate in practicality, how about a VW Transporter? It has a car-like feel and features in its interiors while it has amazing handling and on-road performance to help you move swiftly.
Discover Volkswagen Transporter vans for sale on Auto Trader.

Mazda MX-5

New or old, the Mazda MX-5 is a great choice for Father’s Day. It’s small, dad’ll be able to feel the wind in his hair, it’s great to drive, and it won’t break the bank either.
Discover used Mazda MX-5s for sale on Auto Trader.

Toyota Supra Coupe

Toyota Supra Coupe is for those looking for a bit of a fun. Since it was developed alongside BMW, lots of features are quite unlike a Toyota – it’s powerful, has lots of switches and tech and is quick on bends and turns.
Discover new and used Toyota Supra Coupe for sale on Auto Trader.

Ford Mustang

This Father’s Day, make your dad feel like 'the king of cool' that he is with the iconic muscle car - Ford Mustang, which Steve McQueen drove in the movie Bullitt.
Discover Ford Mustang for sale on Auto Trader.

Porsche 911 Carrera

There had to be a Porsche on the list right? It’s an aspiration for a lot of people, and we’re pretty sure your dad wouldn’t complain if one of these showed up on the driveway on Father’s Day.
Discover Porsche 911 Carreras for sale on Auto Trader.
Looking for cars that suit your dad's particular lifestyle? We've got an entire collection of cars for different lifestyles
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