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Government announce grants for HGV training to tackle lorry driver shortages 2021

Learn more about the government funding available for HGV training and the measures being taken to tackle the national shortage of lorry and HGV drivers.

news2 months ago

5 Best Iveco Trucks

Standing out for their robust structures and efficiency, we’ve put together five of the best Iveco trucks in the marketplace right now.

bestOf11 months ago

How is a truck made?

It is difficult to ignore the simple, pure majesty of the truck. Towering above the majority of popular vehicles, the construction of the truck is an engineering feat in itself, paving the way for new industries and easing the logistical and time-consuming nightmare of small-vehicle transport. In the following article, we will strip back the truck in its entirety to understand the process in which our beasts of the road come to be.

feature1 year ago