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Advice 2 months ago

How to charge an electric car at home

From installing a home charge point to keeping your electric bill under control, here's our guide to charging your electric car at home.
Advice 7 months ago

Private Number Plates

Everything you'd want to know about private number plates, all in one place.
Advice 8 months ago

Best cars for snow

Winter's not done yet and, whether for home or the winter roadtrip abroad, here are our favourite snow-ready cars
Advice 9 months ago

The UK number plate system explained

Let's looks at annual number plate changes. Find out what '70' plates mean, whether you'll get a deal on a new car, and how to identify the age of a second-hand car using only the number plate.
Advice 1 year ago

Car tax bands explained

Find which car tax band your car is in. Learn how much road tax you'll pay on new and used cars, as well as classic cars
MOT the tests explained Advice 1 year ago

Complete guide to MOT tests

MOT tests explained. What they are, how much they cost, how to pass an MOT test and what to do if you fail.
Advice 1 year ago

How to drive your car abroad

Millions take their cars abroad each year for holidays, but how much do you know about the laws of the road in the country you're driving?
Advice 1 year ago

Meeting a potential buyer

There’s no need to be nervous when meeting a potential buyer for your car. Just follow our top tips on making appointments, arranging test drives and more.
Advice 1 year ago

How to safely sell your car

Watch our three top tips to help ensure you stay safe when you’re selling a used car and read more information below.
Advice 1 year ago

Selling a car: receiving payment

Once you’ve negotiated and agreed a price, it’s time to receive a payment. This article covers the different types of payment, and advice on how to securely transfer funds.
Advice 1 year ago

Why sell your car with Auto Trader

Are you thinking of selling your car? You could place an advert on Auto Trader in just three simple steps. Watch our video below to find out more.
Advice 1 year ago

Getting your car ready to sell

Sell your car quickly and for the best price by getting it ready for sale. This guide covers everything you'll need to do before selling your car
Advice 1 year ago

Advertising your car

Creating a new advert on Auto Trader? Check out these top tips on how to create an effective and eye-catching advert.