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The latest car reviews and news from our team


Best cars for your lifestyle

We pick the best cars for your lifestyle, from driving long miles on the motorway to navigating the busy city, taking the dog for a muddy walk or the kids to football training.

  • What is a convertible?

    Learn about the different types of convertible car and their pros and cons in this article.

    Advice 1 week ago

  • What is a hatchback?

    Learn the meaning of the term 'hatchback', the different types, and which is right for you in this article.

    Advice 2 weeks ago

  • Best small SUVs 2021

    Compact crossovers and SUVs are all the rage at the moment – here are our favourites from those currently on sale!

    Best of 5 months ago

  • Best used cars under £15,000

    Erin Baker finds some of the best used cars under £15k available on Auto Trader.

    Best of 1 year ago

  • Best new cars under £15,000

    We've pulled together some of the best cars you can get on a £15k budget - that could be just £200 per month.

    Best of 1 year ago

  • Best commuter cars

    Are you looking for a car to get you to work? Here's our recommendations for those driving on their commute.

    Best of 1 year ago

  • Volkswagen Golf VS Ford Focus: Virtual test drives

    Our latest virtual test drive sees a face off (or is that a face-lift off?) between VW Golf and Ford Focus - who wins? Find out.

    News 1 year ago

  • Video: new Land Rover Defender - hit or miss?

    It’s perhaps the most eagerly awaited 4x4 in a generation with huge expectation on its shoulders – Rory’s driven it and has his verdict here…

    News 1 year ago

  • Best cars for snow

    Winter's not done yet and, whether for home or the winter roadtrip abroad, here are our favourite snow-ready cars

    Advice 1 year ago

  • Ford Puma video review

    Is there something fishy about Ford repurposing classic sporting model names for a new generation of SUVs? After driving the new Puma Rory...

    News 1 year ago

  • Best long-distance cars 2020

    The best cars for long-distance journeys, as chosen by our experts.

    Best of 1 year ago

  • Living with a... Vauxhall Combo Life XL

    It's big, it's bold and it'll swallow a large family and all their stuff. We're spending a few months with Vauxhall's giant people carrier, to see...

    Long-term review 2 years ago

  • Renault Zoe: You asked on Facebook, we answered

    Answering some of the most FAQs you raised on our Facebook post about the Renault Zoe and electric cars

    Advice 2 years ago

  • The REV Test: Petrol vs hybrid vs electric cars

    What are the pros and cons of each fuel type? This week, Rachael, Erin and Vicki are testing a petrol, plug-in hybrid and electric car.

    Feature 2 years ago

  • The REV Test: Pick-up trucks

    Our three experienced motoring journos, Rachael, Erin and Vicki Butler-Henderson (REV), are back. This week they're testing three of the most...

    Feature 3 years ago

  • Living with a... Vauxhall Insignia Sports Tourer

    What’s made the Vauxhall Insignia one of the UK’s best-selling cars for so many years? Auto Trader's road test editor Ivan Aistrop is trying to find...

    Long-term review 3 years ago

  • The REV Test: Small estate cars

    While it seems like everyone wants to be driving an SUV these days, the humble estate car still definitely has its place on UK roads. For starters,...

    Feature 3 years ago

  • Best seven-seater SUVs 2019

    Seven-seat SUVs are are good MPV-alternative for those with a big family, and they're also more stylish than your average people-mover. Here's our...

    Best of 3 years ago

  • Most reliable cars 2019

    We all want our cars to be reliable, so while there are never any guarantees, which cars give you the best chance of avoiding problems in 2019?

    Best of 3 years ago

  • Cheapest electric cars

    Electric motoring can be expensive, but it doesn’t always have to be. Here, we pick out the most affordable electric car options for people who have...

    Best of 3 years ago

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