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Pay as you go advertising

Easy, flexible advertising for occasional sellers

If you sell fewer than 5 vehicles per month and aren't ready for a monthly contract, pay as you go can be a great, affordable way to access the 64 million monthly visitors to Auto Trader, across all platforms; desktop, the Auto Trader app and mobile web.

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Commitment-free advertising

If you are a home trader, MOT station, garage or anything in between and get stock on an ad hoc basis, then Pay as You Go advertising is for you. Just place your advert and wait for the leads to come in.

"Everything is simple, the advertising and the loading up of adverts, and the response I get from adverts is terrific. Advertising costs are within my budget, and generally one advert sells the car, the fastest response I have had is within one hour. I think most people buying a car will always go to Auto Trader before any other site. Without Auto Trader I probably wouldn't exist as a small car business."

John Bowskill - Home Trader

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Competitive advertising rates

Our advertising rates ensure that you can maximize your advertising potential and the chance of a quick sale, whilst maintaining a high profit margin.

Advertise your vehicle now

A customer viewing their advertised vehicles on a smartphone via Auto Trader


Quick advert creation

Create an advert in just 60 seconds using our simple 3-step process. Enter the VRM, we'll bring back the vehicle details and specification. Then create your advert, setting the price, powered by our valuations, description and photos. Finally choose your package and you're done.

Prefer to explore our advertising packages?

If you regularly stock more than 5 vehicles, a monthly contract could offer you more value. You’ll get support from our Retailer Development and Support team, market leading tools and insight to help fuel your success.
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