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Bentley builds a motorbike

OK, Ducati has actually built the motorbike – but it’s done so in partnership with Bentley in a marriage made in luxe heaven

Dan Trent

Words by: Dan Trent

Published on 21 June 2024 | 0 min read

Whether it’s fashion, watches, cars or anything else relating to luxury lifestyle, brand and exclusivity are king. Something Bentley understands better than most, with its many and various collaborations with premium names from across the luxe world, Mulliner personalisation department and ultra-exclusive special editions like the Bacalar and Batur.
And having spent the two million plus taxes for a car like that where do you turn next? Well, Bentley reckons a customised Ducati with many of the same materials and features makes the perfect addition to any high-end garage and has created this, the £58,000 Ducati Diavel for Bentley. Which we’ve seen in the metal in an exclusive unveiling event for owners at Bentley’s Crewe factory. If you’re struggling to find the synergy between this most traditionally British of luxury automotive brands and a shouty Italian motorcycle manufacturer fear not, because there is some method given both are part of the luxury group of brands within the wider Volkswagen family. Ducati itself is actually owned by Lamborghini, which is a natural fit given the character of their products, heart-on-sleeve Italian heritage and shared Bologna roots. There have, in the past, been similar limited-edition collaborations between Ducati and Lamborghini, including a version of the Streetfighter painted up to match the Huracan STO. Seen together they look two sides of the same coin, and it comes as no surprise to hear there’s a healthy crossover in the ownership Venn diagram for both.
Ducati for Bentley is the same but different, and is based on the Diavel ‘muscle cruiser’. The biggest, baddest and most imposing bike in the range it’s a natural fit with Bentley’s similarly large and powerful cars, then. And, from chatting with some of the customers seeing the bike for the first time since they put their orders in something many have been begging for, given many are existing Bentley owners as well as long-time Ducati fans. A fact backed up by overheard comments like “I’ve been waiting a long time for this”, and “I just had to have one” as the covers were pulled off.
At a starting price of £58,000 the Diavel for Bentley is a big step up price-wise from the £24,000 or so for the regular Diavel V4 on which it is based. But the exclusivity assured by a production run of just 500 units makes it desirable for the crowd it’s aimed at, one owner we spoke to saying he’d regretted selling his Ducati Streetfighter V4 Lamborghini having seen values subsequently soar. On that basis some will buy it purely as an investment never to be ridden, much in the way many high-end cars like the Batur and Bacalar. Many we spoke to were, however, looking forward to using their bikes as intended and getting out on them as soon as they arrive.
While the mechanical foundations are the same as the standard Diavel V4 the Bentley version is packed with upgrades to styling and materials inspired by the cars. To that end plastic trim pieces are replaced with more expensive and exclusive carbon ones, the engine air intakes either side of the fuel tank have the same mesh as the Batur, the front mudguard sculpted to replicate the latter’s bonnet line as well. The bike’s rear wheel – fully exposed to one side as part of the Diavel’s distinctive design – is also styled like that of the Batur while the quilting and embroidery on the seat matches those of the car. The pearlescent British Racing Green is another unique feature, meaning if you see someone on a green Diavel you know it’s the Bentley version.
Still not exclusive enough? Fear not! An additional 50 bikes have been allocated to existing owners of Mulliner customised Bentleys with the option to choose colours, materials and more from a much wider selection. One buyer has apparently had the saddle of his coordinated to the interior of his car, Bentley sending samples of the leather to the Ducati factory to ensure perfect match. For a sense of what is possible we were shown a fiery orange prototype alongside the regular green one and, suffice to say, if the noise doesn’t turn heads the colour scheme most certainly will. An interesting collaboration for sure and proof that, from customised Bentaygas for falconry fans to high end motorcycles, Bentley knows no limits to supporting the wider lifestyle pursuits of its customers!