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Honda CBR500R (2013 - ) Review 4 years ago

Honda CBR500R (2013 - ) review

The A2 licence-friendly Honda CBR 500R is a pleasing mix of of race-replica styling and affordable, manageable performance
BMW C Evolution Scooter (2013 - ) Review 4 years ago

BMW C Evolution Scooter (2013 - ) review

The BMW C Evolution is an intriguing proposition; it's eco-friendly and cheap to run, but expensive to buy. Some may be put off by the limited range, too
Review 5 years ago

KTM 390 Naked (2012 - ) review

The KTM 390 Duke provides good looks, a cool European brand name and lively performance that’s right on (or in fact slightly over) the maximum that a bike can deliver on an A2 licence