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BMW S1000RR Super Sports (2019 - ) review


The Auto Trader expert verdict: ★★★★★ ★★★★★ 4.7

The M package gives the standard bike even more focus, it’s lighter, has carbon wheels, a lighter M battery, M seat, M swing arm pivot and professional riding modes designed to help it dominate the track.

Today we don’t have a track, we have a town. With traffic and cars, many buses - not really the bike's natural habitat but we are here to put it to the test.

If you buy a toy you should be able to use it wherever you want, whether it’s driving a corner at a racetrack or popping to the cornershop. This toy cost £20,000, if it can’t be both of those things then just how ‘super’ is it?

Reasons to buy

  • One of the most extreme bikes money can buy
  • Ultimate track bike, great round town too
  • Petrol gauge - on a bike!

Design 5/5

The S1000RR has surprised me, BMW have thrown everything at it including the kitchen sink - making it the ultimate track bike. What I didn’t expect was a bike that was so good everywhere else too.

Riding position 3/5

First impressions, the seating position is quite aggressive. It’s making me feel like a tiny jockey on top of a really powerful horse. You’re going to need good mobility and flexibility, especially in your knees. But it’s actually not the worst super sports bike I’ve ridden in terms of seat position. There’s not too much pressure on my knees, back or arms - it’s actually quite a pleasant form of torture.

The suspension is quite forgiving, it's adjustable but the out of the box settings are fine for everyday use.

Practicality 5/5

The biggest surprise with this is how light it feels. I promise you, it’s not an exaggeration to say it feels a bit like a moped. The first time I rode this I actually got a bit caught out at low speed and almost dropped the bike - the lack of weight really took me by surprise. When you’re on the move it changes direction like you wouldn’t believe. Out here in town you can dive in and out of traffic, almost like if you were riding a Vespa!

Performance & braking 5/5

The engine is surprisingly good too. The 999CC inline four cylinder in the bike is really capable at low rev. It uses BMW’s ShiftCam variable inlet timing, which allows strong talk at low RPM and ridiculous power, when you’re bouncing off the rev limiter. Final thing, this motorbike has the best quick shifter in the game, it’s basically automatic - you don’t need the clutch and when you want to lock into a specific speed without using the throttle, this thing has cruise control.

This bike has a phenomenal set of breaks. They’re strong and just as importantly, provide a solid break feel, so you always know exactly how much horsepower to apply and how much stopping power to expect.

Ride & handling 5/5

So, this track monster is actually a pussycat. It’s easy to ride. It’s light and it’s even got one or two creature comforts. I say one or two, it’s actually got loads.

This might be a sports bike, but it’s a BMW first and foremost which means it’s littered with gadgets. My favourite are the heated grips which have 3 different levels of heating on the handlebars, so you can ride it all year round.

Have BMW made some kind of mistake? It is so easy to live with and ride around town - is this hardcore track monster actually any good when you ride it in anger? I took it for a proper spin and it was phenomenal. The lightness is insanely good when you’re on twisty roads. The engine is glorious. The acceleration can be terrifying, just wow.

Running costs 4/5

No superbike will truly do well here, as sports likes have an appetite for fuel and other consumables. BMWs generally hold very strong residual value, which helps in the long run. The demand for this will be high, so I don’t expect to see anything different.

Reliability 5/5

I was expecting some minor engine and electronics issues as these have been reported with early S1000RRs, however, these have been sorted by the BMW engineering team. BMW offers amazing dealer service and technical update protocols, they’re up among the best.

Equipment 5/5

The 6.5 inch touch screen is definitely worth talking about, usually an afterthought, but on this bike it is incredible. They’ve thought long and hard on not only making it usable but also beautiful. There is a music player which connects to a comptable helmet or wireless earphones, and it’s even got a sat nav and petrol gauge - on a bike!

Why buy? 5/5

This is arguably one of the best super sports bikes money can buy. I have got to get one, it is off the charts.

If you’re looking for a super bike that shines in almost every department, they don’t get much more super than this.

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