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2002 Aprilia RSV Mille Best Of 2 weeks ago

Top 5 sports bikes for under £3,000

Just because you're restricted to a budget of, say, £3,000, doesn’t mean an exciting, high performance or even exotic sports bike is out of reach.
Top 5 new café racers Best Of 3 months ago

Top 5 new café racers

Of all the different categories of new bikes none has seen such a surge in popularity – or of new models available – as that of café racers.
Best Of 5 months ago

Top 5 new adventure bikes for 2019

Despite the growing popularity of retro bikes such as Triumph’s Bonneville and the revival of superbikes, thanks to phenomenal new machines such as Ducati’s Panigale V4 (our bike of the Year 2018) and BMW’s all-new S1000RR, one category of motorcycle remains head-and-shoulders the most popular of all: adventure bikes – and there’s a bumper crop of new offerings for 2019.
Auto Trader Bikes guide to café racer gear Best Of 5 months ago

Our guide to café racer gear

With the rise in popularity of retro-styled motorcycles, whether that be ‘old school’ café racers with their sporty riding positions, ‘ace’ cars and number boards, or scramblers, which hark back to the dirt bikes of the 1960s and ‘70s, there’s also been a big rise in the amount of retro-styled motorcycling gear to go with it.
Top 5 Alternative 3 Wheel Motorcycles Best Of 6 months ago

Top 5 Alternative 3 Wheel Motorbikes

If the continuing popularity of Piaggio’s MP3 three-wheel scooter family and the recent introduction of Yamaha’s radical, Tracer 900-based Nikken, leaning three-wheeler motorcycle (see our reviews here) proves anything it’s that there’s a growing interest in three-wheeled scooters and motorcycles.
Top 5 sports bikes for under £5K: Yamaha YZF-R125 Best Of 6 months ago

Top 5 sports bikes for under £5K

It’s long been a commonly held opinion in motorcycling that sports bikes are on the decline – but don’t believe it! Here are our top 5 sports bikes for under £5k..
Top 7 must buys for under £1000 when buying a bike Best Of 6 months ago

Top 7 must buys for under £1000 when buying a bike

There’s more to starting out in motorcycling than getting your correct licence and a road legal bike. There’s motorcycle kit or riding gear for a start. Not only is a CE-approved crash helmet a legal requirement it’s obviously vital for safety and protection, too
Best Of 7 months ago

Top 5 middleweight adventure bikes for 2019

There’s no getting away from the continuing popularity of ‘adventure’ bikes: large, usually 1000cc+, enduro-styled all-rounders that can, quite literally, do it all. Here’s our top 5 middleweight adventure bikes for 2019..
Best Of 8 months ago

Top 5 cheap scooters

Much more than with most powered two-wheelers, when it comes to scooters, or most of them anyway, affordability is a big, big draw.
BMW S1000RR Best Of 9 months ago

Top 5 new bikes at EICMA

With the Cologne Show in October and Motorcycle Live coming up the bike show season is in full swing and with it the first tantalizing looks at all the new machines for 2019.
Top 5 50cc bikes: Aprilia RS 50 Best Of 9 months ago

Top 5 50cc bikes

So what do you get and which should you go for? To help, here’s Autotrader’s round up of our current pick of the crop, in price descending order.
Best Of 10 months ago

Three amazing three-wheelers

If Yamaha and Piaggio are to be believed, three is the new two – three wheels that is. With Yamaha’s launch of its radical, leaning three-wheeler based on MT-09 mechanicals this year, the oddly-named Niken, not to mention the continuing success of Italian scooter specialist Piaggio’s leaning three-wheel scooter family – the MP3s – is it time to, at last, take three-wheelers seriously?
Zero DSR Best Of 10 months ago

Top 5 electric motorcycles and scooters

Although electric cars or hybrids such as Tesla’s Model S, the omnipresent Toyota Prius, Renault’s Zoe or even the Nissan Leaf are becoming an increasingly common sight on our roads, their two-wheeled equivalent is lagging somewhat behind – although that’s now starting to change.
Ducati Scrambler Best Of 11 months ago

Top 5 new bikes at the Cologne Show

Brand new bikes for the following year are traditionally unveiled at the Autumn shows – particularly the huge EICMA even in Italy every November before then also being shown at the UK’s Motorcycle Live, which follows at the NEC in Birmingham.
Best Of 1 year ago

Top 5 Sub-600cc sports bikes

Don't believe everything you may have heard about the so-called demise of sports bikes. While it's true that the once unrivalled popularity of four-cylinder, 600cc 'supersport' machines such as Honda's CBR600RR and Suzuki's GSX-R600, is a long way from what it used to be, on the other hand there's now more 'sub-600cc' sports bikes available than ever.
Best Of 1 year ago

Top 5 commuter bikes

For most, motorcycles are a passion, a leisure pursuit or a weekend toy. But that ignores the fact that for others they're also (or even only) a brilliant and effective form of transport. Powered two-wheelers were created in the first place, after all, to get from A to B quickly, efficiently and affordably. Only afterwards did people start racing them!
Best Of 1 year ago

The best 125cc scooters

What type of scooters are out there? Which is the best of each and which should you go for? Here’s our pick of the best to help you decide...
Best Of 1 year ago

Top 5 quads/ATVs

Quad bikes may usually only be legal off-road - although there are some exceptions to this - but they remain hugely popular leisure and utility vehicles thanks to their go-anywhere, rugged style, four-wheeled stability and security yet motorcycle-style riding position and fun appeal.
Best Of 1 year ago

Top 5 'Maxi' scooters

Maxi' or 'super' scooters, as they're sometimes called, are an increasingly popular modern phenomena - larger engined, luxury scooters that, while still easy (ish) around town and with all the practicality (if not more) of traditional scooters (being easy to ride around town, relatively clean and with plenty of luggage space) also have the virtue of being capable of motorway speeds for longer distance commuting.
Best Of 1 year ago

Top 5 factory 'custom' motorcycles

There was a time when factory ‘custom’ bikes meant a choice of over-priced, impractical Harleys, unconvincing Japanese copies or… not a lot else. But not any more.