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Is an electric bike or scooter right for me?

Owning an electric bike or scooter may result in some lifestyle changes. They may be minor, they may be for the better, but knowing exactly what to expect means you’ll be even more confident when you come to buy your first electric bike.

What licence & training do I need for an electric bike or scooter?

What licence type you will need to ride an electric bike or scooter will depend on the power of the bike you want to buy.

Getting on a bike or scooter is easier than you think, most of the time it starts with a 1 day CBT training course.

Read more about what licence & training you will need to get on the electric bike or scooter you want here.

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Charging at home and on the go

Cutting the petrol station from your routine is one of the biggest changes you’ll face when you go electric. Electric bike / scooter technology is much further ahead than other vehicles. Lots of manufacturers have developed bikes and scooters which you can charge them at home via a UK 3 pin plug - meaning you won’t have to install costly charging points.

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Calm your range fears

If you’ve got ‘range anxiety’ (the fear an electric bike will run out of charge and leave you stranded) then you’ll be pleased to hear the battery range of bikes is increasing all the time. You can learn more about and the difference ranges electric bikes have in our guide.

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More about electric bikes and electric scooters

Triumph reveals electric prototype

All-new 180bhp electric roadster co-developed in Britain with Williams Advanced Engineering is most exciting ‘battery bike’ yet.

news5 months ago

Silence electric scooters hit the UK

Former bosses of West Way Nissan and Jaguar Land Rover have teamed together to launch the Silence electric scooter brand in the UK. Although they are not a household name in the UK yet, this scooter brand has made waves across Europe. Could their four-model range transform the electric scooter market here?

news8 months ago

Top 5 electric bikes and scooters for 2020

To help you get to the bottom of the latest and greatest in their ever-growing and more exciting two-wheeled sector, here’s Auto Trader’s guide to the current (sic) best electric bikes and scooters available.

bestOf1 year ago

Triumph electric bike coming?

In a surprise announcement, Britain’s leading bike manufacturer, Triumph, have announced they are embarking on a project to develop electric motorcycle technology in collaboration with UK leaders including F1 experts Williams Advanced Engineering.

news2 years ago

Popular electric bike and scooter brands

Need a second opinion?

This car has a rating of: 3.8 out of 5

NIU NQI GTSPro electric scooter (2021-)

NIU (pronounced ‘new’) may be an, ahem, new electric scooter brand to the UK but this Chinese company is already firmly established in the Far East, feature

This car has a rating of: 3.9 out of 5

Super Soco TC Max review (2019 - )

Super Soco are current UK market leaders in electric bikes with their stylish, Chinese-built range of 50 and 125-equivalent scooters and bikes and its

This car has a rating of: 4.2 out of 5

Silence S01 Electric Scooter (2021-) review

The combined issues of urban air quality, congestion and Coronavirus are accelerating demand for smaller, affordable electric vehicles. The Silence S01

This car has a rating of: 3.8 out of 5

Zero SR/F (2019 - ) electric bike review

Electric bikes may be the future but common consensus is their performance, range and price isn’t quite there yet. But Zero’s new SR/F is the closest thing

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