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What car should you buy?

Help on how to choose your next car; what things to consider and what options are worth paying for.

  • Best hybrid cars 2022

    Not everyone is yet ready to go fully electric and hybrids offer a perfect halfway house – here are our favourites

    Best of 4 months ago

  • Black Friday car deals 2021

    Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2021: find new car deals and car lease deals now.

    Best of 5 months ago

  • Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles - your questions answered

    Discover whether a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle would be suitable for your lifestyle and needs

    Guide 6 months ago

  • What is a convertible?

    Learn about the different types of convertible car and their pros and cons in this article.

    Advice 7 months ago

  • What is a hatchback?

    Learn the meaning of the term 'hatchback', the different types, and which is right for you in this article.

    Advice 7 months ago

  • What is an SUV?

    SUVs, otherwise known as Sports Utility Vehicles, are amongst the most popular body types in the UK. But what are they, and are they right for you?

    Advice 7 months ago

  • Mercedes-Benz GLE vs. BMW X5

    Rory puts his personal BMW X5 against the latest version of the Mercedes GLE to discover which of the two is the best premium SUV. Which would you...

    News 9 months ago

  • Insurance write off categories

    Everything you need to know about write off category vehicles, including whether you can buy or sell a write off and what Cat A, Cat B, Cat S and...

    Advice 9 months ago

  • Buying a car online: top tips and advice

    Follow these easy steps for help buying a new car online

    Guide 1 year ago

  • Living with a... Citroën Grand C4 SpaceTourer

    Does the MPV still offer enough for the modern family? Erin Baker finds out in Auto Trader's long-term review of the Citroen Grand C4 SpaceTourer

    Long-term review 1 year ago

  • 10 best deals under £40,000

    Dealerships are open and it’s a buyer’s market as they cut prices to clear stock left standing by lockdown – here’s what you can snap up for £40K or...

    News 1 year ago

  • 10 best deals under £30,000

    Dealerships are open and eager to shift stock, making it a great time for bargain hunters – here are the 10 best deals for £30,000

    News 1 year ago

  • 10 best deals under £20,000

    We’ve been scouring Auto Trader for the best deals on new cars for £20,000 or less – here are 10 of the best we found!

    News 1 year ago

  • Best used cars under £15,000

    Erin Baker finds some of the best used cars under £15k available on Auto Trader.

    Best of 1 year ago

  • Video: Audi A3 Vs BMW 1 Series

    Rory Reid pits two of the poshest hatchbacks on the market against one another, but which will come out on top?

    News 2 years ago

  • How to... charge an electric car

    Where to charge your electric car, how much it'll cost, how often you need to do it and more. All in one place.

    Feature 2 years ago

  • Budget: Chancellor promises £500m investment in EV charging

    EV drivers will never be more than 30 miles away from a fast charger as Chancellor Rishi Sunak promises government support for expanded network

    News 2 years ago

  • Best cars for snow 2022

    Winter's not done yet and, whether for home or the winter road trip abroad, here are our top cars for driving in the snow

    Advice 2 years ago

  • Best long-distance cars 2020

    The best cars for long-distance journeys, as chosen by our experts.

    Best of 2 years ago

  • New, nearly new and used cars explained

    What's the difference between new, nearly new and used, and what are the pros and cons of each?

    Advice 3 years ago

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