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Living with a... Citroen Grand C4 SpaceTourer

Citroen's Grand C4 SpaceTourer is an endangered species: a multi-people vehicle, or MPV. These used to be the only way to move up to seven people from A to B in something resembling a car, until the SUV arrived, which took away all sales from MPVs and estates alike. But is there still a place for the humble MPV?

What is it?

Model: Citroen Grand C4 SpaceTourer
Version: BlueHdi 130 EAT8
Spec level: Flair +
Options fitted: Metallic paint (£545)
Cost as tested: £34,285

Month 1

We like:
- auto gear lever up by steering wheel
- storage space
- electronic tailgate
We don't like:
- massive scratch someone left us with in carpark
- rain runs off tailgate onto head when open
- ageing satnav
We said goodbye to our Vauxhall Combo Life X and hello the our new Citroen Grand C4 SpaceTourer in December. A seven-seater is a necessary evil in our blended family thanks to four boys aged 12, 10, 9 and 7 plus a one-year-old black labrador. We've had pretty much every large SUV on the market but grew fed up with high running costs and lumpy, heavy handling that SUVs provide. We've gone MPV this time round to keep the space but recover some sense of driver satisfaction, and we've gone Citroen because their primary purpose when designing a car is comfort, and we'll have some of that, thank you!

Our first month with the Citroen has been eventful and not in a good way. We left it in a countryside carpark and came back to find three massive chalky scratches down the driver's side, over the rear wheel arch. No dent, at least. But no note either.
Aside from that, however, it has been nothing but happy days so far. MPVs may not look great, and the Grand C4 SpaceTourer is no exception, but inside it is an absolute delight. We keep discovering little storage spaces, like under the floor at the foot of each rear seat, for kids to stow their toys. And there's a two-step deep storage bin between the front seats which swallows water bottles, wallets, phones and sandwiches.

Another great feature is the sun visors, which flip down but then also slide further down the screen for more protection from the sun. When it's cloudy, they slide right back into the roof above your head, leaving a huge panoramic windscreen with excellent forward and side vision, which is further helped by gracefully thin A-pillars.
The Citroen maintains the old-fashioned gear selector up by the large, thin steering wheel, which is brilliant - it's hard to miss a gear and is easily movable. The large digital screen showing speed, revs, gear etc is set into the centre of the dashboard, not in front of the driver, which is also brilliant once you get used to it - it's still in your peripheral vision but clears the space right in front of you for the maximum view of the road ahead.

The front two seats have arm rests which I love and my partner hates and folds up. The second row of seats slide individually forward and back which means a tall child in the third row of two fixed seats can be given extra leg room for individual journeys. The rearmost two seats slide and fold up or back flat into the boot floor with just a tug of a red strap.

We really are looking forward to month two with the Citroen, and seeing what sort of fuel economy we get from this diesel engine on a mixture of school runs, shopping, work commutes and longer family trips.

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