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Highly Rated Awards 2023 winners announced

2023's Highly Rated retailers have been announced! Here's how it can make your car-buying to-do list that bit easier.

Published on 17 July 2023 | 0 min read

We’re delighted to announce the annual Auto Trader Highly Rated awards – which recognise and celebrate retailers who provide exceptional customer service.
Highly Rated retailers are those who have delivered the best customer service on our platform through their reviews. If you see the Highly Rated logo on an Auto Trader advert or visit a dealership displaying the Highly Rated logo, you can be confident that these retailers have established a strong brand reputation based on trust and transparency with their customers. This year, over 1,500 retailers have been recognised as Highly Rated by their customers on Auto Trader.

How are Highly Rated retailers chosen?

The selection of Highly Rated retailers is based on the reviews and feedback provided by real-life customers over the past year. These retailers must meet the following criteria to achieve the Highly Rated award, which includes:
• Maintaining an average review rating of at least four stars on Auto Trader's marketplace. • Generating a certain number of high-quality reviews. • Regularly engaging with customer reviews by responding to them and contributing to Auto Trader's thriving community. You will also find the Highly Rated award displayed on the retailer's Auto Trader Retailer Store, where you can learn more about the services those retailers offer. Auto Trader Highly Rated 2023 is an exciting opportunity for retailers to be acknowledged for their commitment to exceptional customer service. By prioritising customer satisfaction, these retailers stand out in a highly competitive market, ensuring that car buyers have a positive and trustworthy experience.

What does Highly Rated mean to me?

A Highly Rated award is a testament to a retailer’s consistent delivery of excellent customer service and positive experiences as recognised by you, their customers.
If you see a Highly Rated logo on an advert, on a retailer’s Auto Trader Retailer Store, or in the window of their physical premises, it’s a signal that this retailer has had plenty of positive reviews from their actual customers, and provides solid customer service.