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Best cars for delivering Christmas presents

Driving home for Christmas? Lots of gifts to take with you for family and friends? See what we rate as the best cars for delivering your Christmas presents…

The festive season is upon us and – if we’ve been organised – we’ve all spent the last few months and weeks carefully picking out the perfect Christmas gifts for our beloved family and friends. But once everything’s bought, wrapped and labelled, what’s the best way to get it all to where it needs to go? Well, wonder no more…
Here, we’ve picked out the best cars for the important job of delivering all your Christmas presents. Obviously, generous boot space is a key consideration – it’s all about your cargo after all – but each car also brings another unique element to the party, making it perfect for the job. What have we gone for…?
  • Dacia Logan MCV – the cheap one
  • Land Rover Discovery – the go-anywhere one
  • Tesla Model X – the electric one
  • Mercedes-AMG E63 S 4Matic Estate – the fast one
  • Hyundai Santa’s-Sleigh – the pun-tastic one
Dacia Logan MCV – the cheap one
If you need the most amount of space you can get for the smallest amount of cash, look no further than the Dacia Logan MCV. Despite having a whopping 573-litre boot – which is more than most executive estate cars give you – prices start at a shade over seven grand. Sure, things a little basic in other areas, but there’s no arguing with the value.
Land Rover Discovery – the go-anywhere one
If you only need five seats rather than the full seven, the Disco is capable of taking more than 1000 litres of cargo, which should be enough for anyone’s presents. If you’re really spoiling someone, though, folding all the rear seats down frees up 2406 litres of space. What’s more, the Disco's sophisticated off-roading kit means it can deliver gifts to places few other cars can reach. Okay, so it can’t hop between rooftops like Santa’s sleigh can, but it’s got pretty much everything else covered.
Tesla Model X – the electric one
This is the biggest, roomiest electric car we can think of. The Model X comes with up to seven seats, but if you don’t need them and can dedicate the space available to prezzies instead, folding the chairs down gives you 2180 litres of space. There’s even space for another 187 litres’-worth of goodies under the bonnet, thanks to there being no combustion engine. And not only are your Christmas deliveries made with zero emissions, they also happen very, very quickly, especially if you choose the range-topping P100D model.
Mercedes-AMG E63 S 4Matic Estate – the fast one
Left it late and need to get there as quickly as possible? The E63 S Estate is the car for you. Not only does it have 540 litres of boot space for you to throw your cargo in, it also has a 4.0-litre V8 with 612 horsepower that makes the car capable of 0-62mph in 3.5 seconds. Beat that, Blitzen!
Hyundai Santa’s Sleigh – the pun-tastic one
Okay, so it’s actually called the Santa Fe, but we couldn’t resist the pun. And aside from being close in name to Saint Nick’s conveyance of choice, it might just be as good at delivering presents. The boot is massive at 547 litres, or 1625 litres if you only need two of the seats, and thanks to its generous five-year, unlimited mileage warranty, mechanical issues shouldn’t get in the way of your deliveries.

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