Christmas gifts for car-lovers

Let Auto Trader help you find the perfect present for the petrolhead in your life

Words by: First published: 23rd November 2015
Along with over-eating and a Christmas message from the Queen, you can rely on Christmas to produce one more thing: the desperate worry over what to buy for a car-mad friend or relative.

Well, let the experts here at Auto Trader help you. We’ve scoured the shops and internet to come up with a list of presents that will suit car-crazed kids of every age – and every budget. Sadly, though, we can offer no help with the seasonal over-indulgence.
Flexi Torch Multilight from JML
Price: £9.99
Available from: JMLdirect.com and JML stockists including Asda, The Range, Boots, Robert Dyas, Wilkos and Homebase.

Ideal for those who love a bit of automotive DIY, the Flexi Torch Multilight lets you shed light on your work without having to hold onto it. It has 10 ultra-bright LEDs and its hook is perfect for jobs around the house; the magnetic base means that the light can be fixed to a car when you need to work on it; and, the seven-point pivoting action means the light can be directed or spread to just where it’s needed. On top of all that, the light also comes complete with a separate built-in torch which can be used when walking the dog, and to keep you safe in the dark.
Flexi Torch Multilight from JML
Modarri toy cars
Price: £19.99
Available from: Argos, Amazon and other toy retailers

Modarri toy cars (suitable for ages 8 and up) have real mechanics and a unique system that allows you to ‘drive’ them by putting your finger in the driver’s seat. Thanks to their patented steering system, real suspension, tight turning radius, and finger-sized bucket seat, everything from figure of eights to slaloms, wheelies and jumps is possible. There are three models of car – Street, Track and Dirt – and each comes in a kit that includes all the parts necessary to build it. And, once it’s built, it can be taken apart and reassembled.
Modarri toy cars
Modarri toy cars
Classic car clocks
Price: £33
Available from: www.meandmycar.co.uk

Website Me and My Car has a whole host of car-related gifts to choose from – everything from clothes to bags, art and toys – but we love these wall clocks that are inspired by the dials from classic cars. Their range includes models based on classic Minis, Saabs and Porsches, as well as the MG and Austin Healey clocks pictured below.
Me and my car clocks
Me and my car clocks
Personalised speedometer cufflinks
Price: £13.99
Available from: www.cool-cuffs.co.uk

You’ll be amazed just how many car-related cufflinks you can find online, but our favourites are these silver-plated ones from Cool Cuffs. The design is based on a car speedometer, and the neat touch is that you can personalise the links by adding in a six-digit date at the bottom.
Cool cuffs
Piloti shoes
Price: from £115
Available from: www.motoringclassics.co.uk

The finishing touch for any keen driver is a suitable pair of boots, and driving shoes don’t come any better than these from Piloti. With a name taken from the Italian for ‘drivers’, Piloti makes a range of suede-and-leather shoes, all of which are designed to make driving more comfortable – but without sacrificing style or everyday comfort out of the car.
Motoring Classics Piloti shoes
Goodwood Driving Experiences
Price: from £69
Available from: Goodwood website

Fancy giving someone their very own Festival of Speed? Well, that’s just what Goodwood offers with a range of various driving experiences. The Spin & Slide course (£99) gives you the chance to master powerslides on a skidpan, but the Full Monty comes in the shape of the Performance Track package. For £349, this includes driving three high-performance BMWs on the historic circuit and ends with a mind-blowing passenger ride.
Goodwood Driving Experiences
Goodwood Driving Experiences
Porsche Driver’s Selection
Price: various
Available from: The Porsche Shop online

Not many of us will wake up on Christmas morning with one of Porsche’s amazing cars in our stocking, but the Porsche Driver's Selection includes a huge range of items, such as clothing, toys and model cars. However, we’re particularly taken with the company’s branded watches (£240-£1300, below left), and their range of ‘Office’ products (below right), such as an iPad case made from the same leather they use in the company’s cars (£140) or a bookend made from a 911 brake disc (£140). Those with deeper pockets might fancy giving a clock made from a 20-inch 911 Turbo wheel (£1200), but those with more modest budgets can give a 911-shaped USB stick (£35) or mouse (£60).
Porsche Driver’s Selection
Porsche Driver’s Selection
Price: various
Available from: Halfords stores and online

It’ll come as no surprise that Halfords offers a huge helping hand to anyone looking for a present to suit a car-mad relative. Safety-conscious drivers may well appreciate the Nextbase DUO dash cam (£169), which uses two cameras to continuously record forwards and backwards at the same time, or the FOBO Bluetooth Tyre Pressure Monitor (£149), with an in-Car monitoring unit that works on its own or simultaneously with your smartphone. Halfords’ 200-piece socket set (£150) will appeal to anyone with a practical bent (and a big stocking), but the company also has a new range of retro tools (all £5) that make perfect stocking-fillers, and budding engineers will love the Haynes ‘Build your own V8 engine’ kit (£40)
Halfords dash-cam
Halfords tyre pressure-monitor
Haynes build your own V8
Halfords tools
Maplin ride-on Sports Cruiser
Price: £200
Available from: Maplin stores and online

Suitable for children aged 3–8 years old and weighing less than 30kg, this Cruiser is one of a range of ride-on cars at Maplin. It’ll run for about 40 minutes on a full charge, and has a maximum speed of less than 2mph, so parents needn’t worry too much about an RTA on Xmas Day; but, if they do, they can be reassured that not only is the car fitted with a seatbelt, they can also assume full control of the car via a remote control. All in all, as far as the child is concerned, it’s driving just like mummy and daddy do, right down to the way you can plug in an MP3 player or smartphone to listen to your music through the car’s own speakers.
Maplin ride-on cruiser