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Toyota Yaris 2017 News 3 years ago

Revised Toyota Yaris to cost from £12,495

First seen at the Geneva Show earlier this month, the Yaris has a new look, higher-quality cabin and more equipment, as well as a wider range of models and a new engine to choose from
News 3 years ago

Auto Trader Market Report Insights

At a time when the headlines are full of reports about self-driving cars, Auto Trader's latest Market Report looks at the attitudes of today's car-buyers to these technological developments
2019 Toyota Prius Plug-in Review 3 years ago

Toyota Prius Hatchback (2019 - ) review

Read all about the Prius Plug-in, the Toyota hybrid able to switch seamlessly between city-friendly EV and regular hybrid with no need to fear range anxiety 
2017 Toyota Prius Plug-in First Drive 3 years ago

2017 Toyota Prius Plug-in first drive review

The Plug-in is far more than a Prius with a big battery, but does it offer sufficient real-world benefits over the cheaper, standard car? Or would you simply be better off with a BMW 330e?
News 3 years ago

2017 Geneva Motor Show preview

The Geneva Motor Show kicks off at the start of March. We bring you all the information you need, and a round-up of some of the most important cars you can expect to see.
2017 Volkswagen Golf First Drive 3 years ago

2017 Volkswagen Golf first drive review

The Volkswagen Golf is Europe’s best-selling family hatchback and this update is aimed at maintaining that situation and keeping rivals as diverse as the Vauxhall Astra and BMW 1 Series in their place
2016 Lexus IS Review 3 years ago

Lexus IS 300 Saloon (2016 - ) review

In a conservative market sector the Lexus IS is to be commended for its distinctive style, though some of the quirks border on irritating and hybrid-only engine option limits choice compared with rivals
Renault Scenic ride Review 4 years ago

Renault Scenic MPV (2016 - ) review

With its SUV-inspired styling, 20-inch alloys and imaginative interior design, the latest Scenic is a tempting alternative to the plethora of ‘vans-with-windows’ that have become the MPV norm.
Range Rover nose Review 4 years ago

Land Rover Range Rover SUV (2016 - ) review

The Range Rover invented the luxury 4x4 sector, and this latest version promises to be just as opulent as its forebears with a welcome slug of tech thrown in for good measure. But with similarly high-end rivals like the Mercedes-Benz GLS, Audi Q8 and BMW X7 arriving on the scene, can it hold its own?
2016 Kia Optima PHEV First Drive 4 years ago

2016 Kia Optima PHEV first drive review

Kia’s family saloon gets a new plug-in hybrid version with super-impressive efficiency figures, but a sensible pricetag. Question is, is it any good?
2017 Range Rover Sport News 4 years ago

New 2017 Range Rover Sport

New engines, better performance off-road and an improved infotainment system are the big changes for the revised range, which goes on sale this winter.