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Video: Audi A3 Vs BMW 1 Series

Rory Reid pits two of the poshest hatchbacks on the market against one another, but which will come out on top?

The Audi A3 and the BMW 1 Series: two standout luxury hatchbacks that are well worth a closer look – but how do they compete against each other?
Rory Reid looks at the new Audi A3 35 TSFI and the BMW 1 Series 118i, taking them to task on their design, performance and economy.
The basics
Both petrol, both manual, both posh, both cost around £25k.
Both offer 1.5l turbo charged engines, but there’s a bit of difference in what they do with those engines when it comes to horsepower, torque and fuel economy. Hit play to find out what we mean.
The cars
BMW 1 Series: with real exhausts and bigger wheels, the latest 1 Series is arguably better looking than some older models… #ClownShoe.
The 118i comes with a choice of 2x wheel styles, and plenty of tech inside including a 9-inch infotainment screen as standard, voice control and the option of gesture control (check it out). There’s a lot of configurations so if you’ve got enough budget; make some time to play around with them. Explore the BMW 1 Series on Auto Trader.
Audi A3: a good-looking car with huge grills and five trim levels to choose from, plus exclusive colours and metallic paint finishes for an extra cost.
The A3 comes with MMI navigation system as standard, alongside a customisable virtual cockpit digital instrument cluster (it looks more impressive than it sounds, trust us). The A3’s packed with features so, again, it’s well worth a play in the configurator. Explore the Audi A3 range on Auto Trader
The verdict
Wait, you didn’t think we were going to spoil it for you here, did you?
Watch the video to find out who we think should take the crown and check out our YouTube channel for more. Related: find car lease deals on your budget with Auto Trader.

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