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Mercedes-Benz Actros Best Of 4 weeks ago

5 Best Mercedes-Benz Trucks

When the very first Daimler motor truck rolled along the streets of Paris in 1896, it no doubt caused quite a stir. With over 120 years in truck production, Mercedes-Benz certainly know what they are doing, but which Mercedes-Benz trucks are best? Here we have a look at their top 5 trucks…
Top 5 UK truck stops Best Of 2 months ago

Top 5 UK truck stops

With truck drivers always being on the road, they need great places to stop. Unfortunately some places are lacking in facilities, but there are also some amazing places to stop in the UK. Here we have a look at the top 5 truck stops in the UK for you to stop at on your next job.
Feature 2 months ago

More than a Mercedes 814

In ‘more than a’, we look at ordinary vehicles that have been converted into something extraordinary. Here we catch up with Dean from House Box, a restoration and conversion company based on the edge of Glastonbury, Somerset to see what they did with a Mercedes 814.
P -Are your trucks COVID-19 safe? Advice 3 months ago

Are your trucks COVID-19 safe?

Following new guidelines published by the UK Government, haulage operators will need to conduct a COVID-19 risk assessment. Read more for the details of what this means for your business…
Eddie Stobart CC kenjonbro Guide 6 months ago

How to name an Eddie Stobart after someone

How can you name an Eddie Stobart truck after someone you love? This article explores the process of naming an Eddie Stobart truck, and if you can really give one a name of your choosing.
Eddie Stobart  CC: eastleighbusman Best Of 6 months ago

Our top 10 favourite Eddie Stobart names

Eddie Stobart is one of the UK’s most renowned supply chain companies, operating over 2,700 vehicles throughout the UK and Europe. However, the logistics giant is perhaps even better known for providing each and every one of their trucks with a name. Here we dive into 10 of our favourite Eddie Stobart names, and why we like them so much.
Our guide to ULEZ Advice 6 months ago

Auto Trader Trucks guide to ULEZ

Londoners knew it was on the cards for a long time – then last year it arrived early. Now, the world’s first ULEZ, or Ultra-Low Emission Zone, marks its first birthday in April 2020. The scheme, which is designed to reduce carbon emissions and air pollution levels in the UK capital has affected both personal and commercial transport across the city of London. Here’s what you need to know...
Guide 9 months ago

Can you Drive a 7.5-tonne Truck on a Car Licence?

There are different requirements for driving a 7.5-tonne truck, which depend on when the licence-holder got their licence. Driving licence entitlements have changed over the years, so some people who have been driving for longer may be able to drive larger vehicles without having to get a separate licence. If you want to find out more about the requirements and whether you need to apply for a new licence category, keep reading this guide from Auto Trader Trucks.
Guide 9 months ago

Driving a 7.5-tonne Truck: Which Licence Is Needed?

Having the correct licence to drive a truck is essential. With the right licence, you can legally drive the vehicle that you're interested in and either work for yourself or find work with other companies. Read our gudie to driving a 7.5-tonne truck to learn more...
Advice 10 months ago

Winter Preparations for Your HGV

It's essential to take extra steps in the winter months to care for your HGV and drive safely at all times. Auto Trader Trucks has some useful tips to help you get ready for driving your HGV in the winter.
Advice 10 months ago

10 Tips for Safe Winter Truck Driving

The roads can be rough during the winter. You don't need to put your truck away but there are some smart things you can do to stay safe while you're driving. Auto Trader Trucks has gathered some tips to help you stay safe this winter...
Where can I see the Coca-Cola truck in 2019? News 10 months ago

Where can I see the Coca-Cola truck in 2019?

It’s that time of year again. It’s getting dark earlier, you need to wrap up warm and everyone’s favourite truck is almost back. Read more to find out where you can spot the Coca-Cola truck in 2019...
Review 1 year ago

Scania P Series review

As a multi-axle rigid the Scania P-series has no equal; lightweight, desirable and a willing workhorse.
4 ways to sell your trucks fast... Advice 1 year ago

4 ways to sell your trucks fast...

Are you sitting on a wad of cash without even knowing? We don’t want you to miss out, so we’ve created some top tips on how to make money from your old trucks.
How should you prepare your truck before selling it? Advice 1 year ago

How should you prepare your truck before selling it?

A clean and tidy truck isn't just easier to sell, it gives a buyer less chance to haggle. Preparing your truck for a sale is an important investment in time and quite possibly money. This will help you sell your truck more quickly, and may also mean you get more money for it. Here’s our guide of how to do so...
Review 1 year ago

DAF LF review

It is Britain’s leading 7.5 tonner, the DAF LF has enjoyed unqualified success thanks to its reputation as a lightweight, cost-effective and no-nonsense chassis-cab with a decent, reliable engine.
Mercedes-Benz Arocs review Review 1 year ago

Mercedes-Benz Arocs review

When most people think of the Mercedes-Benz heavy truck range, the Actros immediately springs to mind. Over the last few years, however, the company has been intensifying its multi-wheeler offering. We give you the lowdown on why the Arocs is perfect for operators looking for a 2-, 3- or 4-axled rigid, or a specialist tractor unit.
4 Ways to Keep the Cost of Your Fleet Down Feature 1 year ago

4 Ways to Keep the Cost of Your Fleet Down

Regardless of what business you operate or are a part of, the balancing between safer business practices and the associated costs can be difficult. In the haulage industry, there’s often a divide between managing your fleet to ensure that it is safe and trying to keep costs low so that it doesn’t cost you more than your business can afford.
Feature 1 year ago

This Truck Was “Born To Run”

What would you expect Bruce Springsteen and trucks to have in common? To be honest, this isn’t a question we had ever thought of asking. That all changed when we set eyes on Ralf Ekdahl's Mercedes-Benz truck.

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