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Eddie Stobart CC kenjonbro Guide 4 months ago

How to name an Eddie Stobart after someone

How can you name an Eddie Stobart truck after someone you love? This article explores the process of naming an Eddie Stobart truck, and if you can really give one a name of your choosing.
Guide 7 months ago

Can you Drive a 7.5-tonne Truck on a Car Licence?

There are different requirements for driving a 7.5-tonne truck, which depend on when the licence-holder got their licence. Driving licence entitlements have changed over the years, so some people who have been driving for longer may be able to drive larger vehicles without having to get a separate licence. If you want to find out more about the requirements and whether you need to apply for a new licence category, keep reading this guide from Auto Trader Trucks.
Guide 8 months ago

Driving a 7.5-tonne Truck: Which Licence Is Needed?

Having the correct licence to drive a truck is essential. With the right licence, you can legally drive the vehicle that you're interested in and either work for yourself or find work with other companies. Read our gudie to driving a 7.5-tonne truck to learn more...
Guide 8 months ago

Find Out Which Licence You Need To Drive A Lorry Or Bus

Do you love the idea of spending your life behind the wheel of a large vehicle like a lorry or a bus? There is a high level of demand right now for individuals who can fill this position. If this idea interests you, it’s important to be aware of the license that you will require. Specifically, you will need a CPC.
Guide to Truck Driver CPC Training Guide 1 year ago

Guide to Truck Driver CPC Training

If you want to drive a truck, bus or coach commercially then you’ll need to obtain a Driver Certificate of Professional Competence or Driver CPC. If you already own one, then it’s also important to remember that there are deadlines for your renewal and you’ll need to undergo 35 hours of periodic training over a course of 5 years before you can continue to use the vehicle.
Guide 1 year ago

Manufacturer Approved Explained

Choosing which Truck to buy can be a complicated experience - there are so many different pros and cons, not to mention a wide range of prices which influence your purchasing decision. Manufacturer Approved flagging on Autotrader aims to provide clarity of choice and help you pick the right vehicle for your needs.