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Coronavirus advice for truck buyers

What does the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic mean for motorists? Here's our guide to the key questions facing truck drivers..

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Last updated on 30 November 2021 | 0 min read

With deliveries in demand, the haulage industry has a key part to play in helping the public through the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.
In this article, we aim to answer frequently asked questions which may come up for truck drivers. We aim to keep this page updated as the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic changes. For medical advice please make sure you visit the NHS website. For advice relating to the UK’s response in any other areas, please visit the UK Government’s website. To keep up to date with all our latest content, or ask us a question, visit our social channels – Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter and YouTube. Jump to: • Can I buy a truck right now? Can I still sell my truck right now? As a driver, can I expect to see any changes to my hours? I’m worried about keeping my hands clean, where can I wash them? What do I do if my truck breaks down? Can I still refuel my truck? I was due to attend a speed awareness course, what should I do?
Can I buy a truck right now?
Dealerships are now open in England, Wales and Scotland. You can also buy trucks machinery online and arrange customer collection or home delivery. If you’re in the market for new trucks, you can get in touch with the individual retailer via phone, email, text or chat to find out if offering “click and collect” or home delivery services.
Under the latest Government guidelines, issued in November 2021, masks are required in retail settings. Please confirm the rules and any exemptions with your local authority before visiting a dealership. Here is the government guidance for England, Wales,Scotland and Northern Ireland. As the rules are very different per area, it is best to check the advice on the area you live in. We’re keeping an eye on any changes to the above and updating each time we have new government guidance so check back in whenever you need to know what’s possible with truck buying during this time.
Can I still sell my truck right now?
You can still list trucks on Auto Trader. Use our three-step tool to create and upload your truck advert.
If you are thinking of listing your truck for sale, it’s important to clean and disinfect it. Whilst there are no guarantees that this will remove all risks, it does show you are taking a responsible approach. Looking after each other at this time is essential, so if you can’t disinfect your truck properly, consider delaying listing it until you can.
As a driver, can I expect to see any changes to my hours?
Road freight workers are providing all that is needed to keep our shops, hospitals, manufacturers and the rest of the economy moving during the coronavirus pandemic.
To aid with the delivery of essential items, the UK Government previously issued a temporary relaxation of the enforcement of the drivers’ hours rules. This temporary relaxation expired on 16 April 2020 and the guidance was withdrawn on 17 April 2020. Please see for any further changes to the drivers hours rules. Any changes in your hours will depend on the company you work for. However, the government guidance has changed in response to COVID-19, so if your company would like to adapt your hours within these guidelines, they will be able to.
I’m worried about keeping my hands clean, where can I wash them?
Keeping clean is a big concern for everyone at the moment. The NHS are advising everyone to wash your hands regularly for 20 seconds but we know this isn’t always easy on the road, so make sure you carry hand sanitiser with you on your trips - just in case.
The Road Haulage association have also worked with Public Health England to ensure that trucker drivers are allowed access to toilets at distribution centres to wash their hands.
What do I do if my truck breaks down?
Breakdown services are currently running, and have been doing so throughout the lockdown, but it is important to remember that they will be under pressure, just like all other services and businesses at the moment.
Can I still refuel my truck?
If you, or any member of your household, shows symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19) then you should self-isolate and follow the guidance on the NHS website. The NHS are advising that people with no symptoms and are not ‘at risk’ should still practice ‘social distancing’.
When social distancing, try to use self-service pumps and use disposable gloves when handling the pump and paying, pay by contactless where possible. When filling up, avoid any human contact.
I was due to attend a speed awareness course, what should I do?
Individuals are asked to contact their course providers for further details, and some are now taking digital speed awareness courses. Check the NDORS website for more information.
This article represents Auto Trader’s opinions and interpretation of the current situation and does not necessarily reflect the latest government guidance and advice. Please always consult the latest government guidance and advice before taking any decision based on this article.

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