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5 Best Mercedes-Benz Trucks

When the very first Daimler motor truck rolled along the streets of Paris in 1896, it no doubt caused quite a stir. With over 120 years in truck production, Mercedes-Benz certainly know what they are doing, but which Mercedes-Benz trucks are best? Here we have a look at their top 5 trucks…

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Published on 2 September 2020 | 0 min read

1. Mercedes-Benz Actros
The Mercedes-Benz Actros is a sleek, versatile truck with safety and fuel efficiency at its heart, which has helped the Mercedes-Benz become a leading UK truck supplier.
Mercedes-Benz has never been afraid to innovate and the move to Euro-6 provided the opportunity to reinvent Actros as all things, to all operators. While safety and fuel efficiency are the main focus of this truck, the Actros really goes to town with its specifications and therefore will be a standout vehicle on any fleet. If the Mercedes-Benz Actros sounds like the truck for you, you can find it on our site here here
2. Mercedes-Benz Atego
Now in its 22nd year, the Mercedes-Benz Atego 7.5 tonner enjoys a solid reputation for durability, quality engineering and performance.
Spacious and comfortable; it enjoys success in the own-account sectors and compliments fleets with larger Mercedes-Benz vehicles. Weight and price tag usually combine to keep Atego towards the back of the field when it comes to sales. That said, not everyone wants to max out a 7.5 tonner and if they run bigger Mercs then an Atego is the obvious choice. There is plenty going for it; a very impressive engine, transmission and driveline, and a cabin that drivers love to work in. In an age where many choose for run-of-the-mill chassis-cabs supplied by DAF, Iveco and Renault – all with the same cab – then perhaps being different means buying an Atego. If the Mercedes-Benz Atego sounds like the truck for you, you can find it on our site here here
Mercedes-Benz Atego
Mercedes-Benz Atego
3. Mercedes-Benz Axor
The Mercedes-Benz Axor was designed to fill the gap between the premium Actros and the mostly rigid Atego trucks, this truck is perfect for fleet customers.
The truck has a relatively simple manual gear-shift or alternatively, the Electronic Power Shift(EPS) is available, as well as a fully automatic box. This truck is powered by a 12-litre straight 6 engine and is perfect for mid-distance driving and heavy-duty, local distribution. If the Mercedes-Benz Axor sounds like the truck for you, you can find it on our site here here
Mercedes-Benz Axor
Mercedes-Benz Axor
4. Mercedes-Benz Arocs
When most people think of the Mercedes-Benz heavy truck range, the Actros (mentioned above) is the immediate truck that usually springs to mind. Over the last few years, the company has been intensifying its multi-wheeler offering and has put a lot of effort into this Arocs.
Launched in 2013, the Arocs has played an important role in growing Mercedes-Benz Trucks’ sales to customers in the construction sector. This range is certainly more diverse than many are aware. It covers virtually the whole range of heavy truck requirements from 2-4 axles, all the way up to the SLT tractor units at 250 tonnes Gross Combination Weight. The Arocs is perfect for operators looking for a 2-, 3- or 4-axle rigid, or a specialist tractor unit. If the Mercedes-Benz Arocs sounds like the truck for you, you can find it on our site here here
Mercedes-Benz Arocs
Mercedes-Benz Arocs
5. Mercedes-Benz Econic
The Mercedes-Benz Econic is a low-entry truck, which Mercedes-Benz have been making since 1998.
This truck is often used for waste collection, fire and emergency purposes and airport ground services. It’s available in weights of 18 tonnes and 26 tonnes, it’s powered by a 6-cylinder inline engine with turbo and intercooler. The Mercedes-Benz Econic is designed with a low floor, low overall height, automatic gearbox and even a natural gas engine to adapt to all above-mentioned tasks. If the Mercedes-Benz Econic sounds like the truck for you, you can find it on our site here here Browse all our new trucks here.
Mercedes-Benz Econic
Mercedes-Benz Econic

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