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MAN TGX Tractor Unit Best Of 22 hours ago

5 Best MAN Units

MAN is a popular manufacturer of trucks and tractor units. There are lots of MAN tractor units to choose from, so we have found 5 of the best to help you.
A guide to the Dartford Crossing charge (Dart Charge) Guide 2 days ago

A guide to the Dartford Crossing charge (Dart Charge)

The Dartford Crossing is one of the busiest roads in Britain, it goes along the River Thames between Kent and Essex. It's a major part of the UK road network, which helps connect Britain to Europe, and is used by both business and other types of drivers. Read on to find more about the Dart Charge, when you have to pay it and how you pay it.
How much does a Unimog cost? Advice 6 days ago

How much does a Unimog cost?

Putting a price on a used Unimog is no easy task. The whole point of this vehicle is that it can be specified to carry out multiple tasks. As a result, Unimogs are often equipped with accessories such as winches, PTOs, cherry pickers, sweepers, flail mowers, recovery jibs and more. So in this article, we are going to look at what you can expect to pay for a used Unimog.
Best Of 1 week ago

5 Best buses

According to the latest government data, there are around 32,000 buses in service on UK roads transporting more than 3 million people every day. Buses are not just to get us from A to B, they contribute to urban sustainability, lower our carbon footprint and provide a vital link to rural communities.
Our guide to cleaning your lorry Guide 1 month ago

Our guide to cleaning your lorry

Read on for a comprehensive guide on cleaning your truck or lorry. You don't necessarily need any special equipment as a decent job can be done with some basic cleaning products.
Iveco S-Way Best Of 1 month ago

5 Best Iveco Trucks

Standing out for their robust structures and efficiency, we’ve put together five of the best Iveco trucks in the marketplace right now.
Advice 1 month ago

Our guide to becoming a HGV driver

With HGV drivers earning up to £45,000 along with the freedom of driving along the open road, perhaps you have considered this as the career for you? Here we go into detail on how to become a HGV driver.
Our guide to the HGV Road User Levy Guide 2 months ago

Our guide to the HGV Road User Levy

The UK Government has set a levy that needs to be paid by those businesses or owners who operate certain heavy goods vehicles on the roads within the United Kingdom, this is to cover the cost of wear and tear on the UK’s road network and to provide a level playing field for UK operators. Here's our guide to what you need to know...
How to sell your truck on Auto Trader Advice 2 months ago

How to sell your truck on Auto Trader

Whether you are own a single truck or a whole fleet, there comes a time when you need to part ways with your truck. Luckily, it’s easy to make money from your old truck with Auto Trader, and with some going for hundreds of thousands of pounds, why wouldn’t you? Find out how to sell your truck on Auto Trader, hassle free.
How is a truck made? Feature 2 months ago

How is a truck made?

It is difficult to ignore the simple, pure majesty of the truck. Towering above the majority of popular vehicles, the construction of the truck is an engineering feat in itself, paving the way for new industries and easing the logistical and time-consuming nightmare of small-vehicle transport. In the following article, we will strip back the truck in its entirety to understand the process in which our beasts of the road come to be.
7 things you need to know about driving a lorry in the EU from 1st Jan 2021 Advice 2 months ago

7 things you need to know about driving a lorry in the EU from 1st Jan 2021

Here we explain what UK lorry drivers and hauliers will need to, in order to drive professionally in the EU from the 1st January 2021. The UK government have recently published changes in the rules if you are UK driver, driving a lorry in the EU. These rules are due to be changed on the 1st of January 2021.
Ashford International Truck Stop, Kent Best Of 3 months ago

5 Best truck stops in Europe

In order to ensure that you have a comfortable journey on your next job, we have rounded up some of the best truck stops in Europe.
Feature 3 months ago

How Did Eddie Stobart Become So Famous?

Discover how haulage superstar Edward Stobart develop his brand into one of the biggest in Britain, revolutionising the freight industry and its relationship with the public...
5 Best Scania trucks Best Of 5 months ago

5 Best Scania trucks

Whether its trucks are delivering cargo across the country or supplying local businesses, the Scandinavian firm Scania is a familiar fixture in the UK trucking industry. In this article, we’ll be taking a look at some of the best Scania trucks of the past few years that have stood out in a crowded marketplace for their performance, design and innovation.
Mercedes-Benz Actros Best Of 5 months ago

5 Best Mercedes-Benz Trucks

When the very first Daimler motor truck rolled along the streets of Paris in 1896, it no doubt caused quite a stir. With over 120 years in truck production, Mercedes-Benz certainly know what they are doing, but which Mercedes-Benz trucks are best? Here we have a look at their top 5 trucks…
Best Of 6 months ago

5 Best DAF Trucks

The manufacturer DAF have been going for over 90 years. Originally started by Hub van Doorne in a small workshop in the Netherlands, they have gone from very humble beginnings to being a leading, global truck manufacturer. Struggling to see which DAF would suit you? Here we look at 5 popular DAF trucks.
Top 5 UK truck stops Best Of 7 months ago

Top 5 UK truck stops

With truck drivers always being on the road, they need great places to stop. Unfortunately some places are lacking in facilities, but there are also some amazing places to stop in the UK. Here we have a look at the top 5 truck stops in the UK for you to stop at on your next job.
Feature 7 months ago

More than a Mercedes 814

In ‘more than a’, we look at ordinary vehicles that have been converted into something extraordinary. Here we catch up with Dean from House Box, a restoration and conversion company based on the edge of Glastonbury, Somerset to see what they did with a Mercedes 814.
Britcom’s Expansion Plans Hit New Heights News 8 months ago

Britcom’s Expansion Plans Hit New Heights

Britcom’s latest expansion plans incorporating a new 6 bay workshop are starting to take shape with the steel framework now being erected, at their 14 acre site in Market Weighton, East Yorkshire.