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Stars and their cars – what celebs born in 1971 are driving

You can get yourself a shiny, new 71 number plate from September 2021 onwards. To celebrate the new reg plates, we’re taking a look at the cars driven by celebrities born in 1971.

With September’s number plate change on the horizon, 71 series reg plates are due to release soon.
To celebrate the new number plates, we’re exploring cars currently owned by celebrities born in 1971.

Elon Musk and his range of Teslas

The CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, Elon Musk, drives Teslas of all shapes and sizes including the Model X, the Cybertruck and the Roadster, though it’s the Model S which Musk has admitted he drives the most – perhaps behind his Starship.
If you fancy a brand new ‘71’ plate Tesla, you’re in luck, as they’ll be available to buy on Auto Trader from September. Until then, why not explore our video reviews to know which Tesla’s the best option for you or browse through our collection of used Teslas.
Tesla Model S
Tesla Model S

Amanda Holden’s birthday Mercedes G Wagon

Amanda Holden, another member of the ’71 club, drives a sweet £160,000 Mercedes G Wagon which she reportedly bought for her 48th birthday in 2019 – the same make and model as Kim Kardashian’s.
On Auto Trader, you can find a fair share of celebrity cars up for grabs. Check out the recent celeb cars advertised on Auto Trader.

Missy Elliot’s mind-blowing car collection

Believe it or not, rapper Missy Elliot was also born in 1971 and is a supercar fanatic. Her collection ranges from sports cars like the Spyker C8 and Lamborghini Gallardo, lux rides like the Lincoln Navigator and even a real Ferrari which she transformed into her bed.
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Ricky Martin’s Chevy

Fellow singer Ricky Martin was also born in 1971 and has been living La Vida Loca in his modest SUV – a Chevrolet Suburban.
Fun fact about this Chevy - the Suburban got its own Hollywood Walk of Fame star in 2019 for being featured in 1,750 films and TV shows since 1952. We’ve curated a list of some classic movies that have starred some of the best cars on the silver screen.

Sandra Oh’s classic Prius

50-year-old actress, Sandra Oh also opted for a humble vehicle – the classic Prius. Perhaps she needs a more fitting ‘71’ reg number plate for her character? We’re thinking ‘KIL71NG EVE’.
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Toyota Prius
Toyota Prius

Sacha Baron Cohen’s respectable collection of cars

Next up is actor Sacha Baron Cohen, most famous for playing Borat, who’s reported to like keeping a low-profile in real life and love driving respectable cars. Amongst his collection of cars are the Audi A8 L, Mini Cooper S and Land Rover Discovery. You can explore both new and used models of these popular cars on Auto Trader.
Mini Cooper S
Mini Cooper S
With thousands of options to choose from on Auto Trader, start your car search journey today to drive away a brand new car with a shiny ‘71’ plate come September.
Did you know, you can know the age of a car and the location of where it was registered just by looking at the vehicle’s number plate. Find out more about how the number plate system works.

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