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Land Rover Discovery

  • tickMassive - and massively practical
  • tickPowerful new engines
  • tickMuch improved tech

Land Rover Discovery SUV (2020 - )

Where many premium SUVs mistakenly push the ‘sport’ side at the expense of the more important ‘utility’ bit, the Land Rover Discovery has always put practicality first, the huge interior space and endlessly adaptable seating for up to seven occupants now matched with improved quality and Land Rover’s latest Pivi Pro infotainment system. A visual nip and tuck includes revised LED headlights with fancy ‘animated’ indicators while new mild hybrid petrol and diesel engines complete the 2021 model year update and equip the Discovery to compete with rivals like the Volvo XC90. The lack of a plug-in hybrid option like the Volvo may be a disappointment for some but, in all other regards, the Discovery is a class act.
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Be under no illusions – a big, luxurious seven-seater SUV like a Discovery is never going to be a cheap car to buy or run. But the upfront purchase cost is on a par with rivals like the Audi Q7 and Volvo XC90, while the seven-seat options from BMW and Mercedes-Benz are effectively from a class above and much more expensive to buy. In terms of running costs Land Rover has introduced mild hybrid technology (or MHEV) to the new engine range in the updated Discovery, which helps a little on CO2 and mpg but can’t match the Benefit In Kind busting numbers you get with a plug-in hybrid, like the XC90 we’ve been running on long-term test. In fairness, these only really benefit company users and private buyers will be more interested in the real-world running costs, which are on a par with rivals if you compare like-for-like diesel engines they all work best with.

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