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Toyota Prius

  • tickExtremely low emissions and tax implications
  • tickSmooth and near silent in EV mode
  • tickStrong EV performance with extensive range

Toyota Prius Hatchback (2019 - )

On paper the plug-in version of the all-conquering Toyota Prius offers viable zero-emissions driving around town without the range anxiety of a pure EV, with tax benefits and other financial incentives to boot. The reality is a little more complex, given the additional cost over the regular Prius, compromises in practicality and real-world running costs that fall some way short of the dream.
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Plug-in hybrids like this Prius present a complicated choice for consumers, given the appeal of their on-paper running costs, the regulatory incentives to get drivers in electrified cars and other benefits like London Congestion Charge exemption, at least for the moment. And when you see triple-digit official fuel consumption figures and super-low CO2 numbers it’s easy to buy into the hype.

But you have to balance this against significantly higher purchase costs – the plug-in is a third more than the regular Prius for instance – and fact that, outside of urban driving, fuel costs aren’t necessarily as low as you might hope. In short, plug-in hybrids will save money for drivers whose travel patterns fit within certain parameters, those able to charge at home or work, or for company drivers for whom the tax advantages make sense. Everyone else would be well advised to crunch the numbers before feeling pressured to jump on the hybrid bandwagon. If it works for you then consider your spec carefully too – simply adding fancier 17-inch wheels can bump the Prius Plug-in into a higher CO2 bracket with significant tax implications.

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