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Coming soon: Mercedes-Benz EQA

Electrified adaptation of the GLA compact SUV leads the charge for a new generation of Mercedes EVs

Originally teased as the sleek Concept EQA, Mercedes has finally confirmed details of the production version of its new compact electric car. And in reality the EQA has grown up and will launch as a rather more conventional looking electrified SUV, sharing its foundations with the existing GLA but with a number of specific styling elements to signify its ‘EQ’ status. These include a blanked out-grille, full-width rear light cluster and dedicated wheel choices, up to and including gold-coloured 20-inch options.
In this sense it follows the lead of the bigger EQC, the EQA instead based on the Mercedes compact model family that includes the A-Class, B-Class, GLA, GLB and their various offshoots. That’s good news, because all these cars impress with their style and tech, the latter managed by the nifty voice activated ‘MBUX’ operating system and best shown in its full ‘widescreen’ configuration with paired 10.25-inch screens.
EV buyers love their tech and the EQA expands on MBUX’s already impressive abilities with dedicated navigation to manage range and charging options, eco tips to help you maximise how far you can go and a host of connected features. These even include optional wellness functions to help the car keep you alert and in a good mood according to data transmitted to the car by compatible smart watches. To that end it will even recommend exercise routines and stretches you can perform while driving, according to how much sleep you’ve had and how stressed it thinks you are. And if you do need to stop and plug in the PowerNap function will help you nod off and recharge your own batteries at the same time.
There will in time be a whole family of EQA models with various power outputs and trim levels. The first Mercedes has confirmed is the EQA 250, which has a battery with 66.5kWh to carry you up to 265 miles by official figures. The 190 horsepower electric motor drives the front wheels (all-wheel drive versions will follow) and it will hit 0-62mph in 8.9 seconds en route to a limited 100mph maximum speed.
UK pricing has yet to be confirmed but, with the hybrid version of the GLA starting at just under £40,000, expect it to be a chunk more than that. Rivals would include the electrified Recharge version of the Volvo XC40 and the pending ID.4 SUV spin-off of Volkswagen’s ID.3 hatchback.
While Mercedes says adapting an existing model has made it quicker to bring the EQA to market there are compromises, such as a reduction in boot space over the GLA from 495 litres to just 340 litres. Here cars like the ID.4 and Tesla 3 which have been built on dedicated EV platforms are at an advantage in practicality terms, Mercedes fighting back with the known quantities of premium build quality, proven tech and styling that will blend in seamlessly with other traffic while showing just enough glitz to prove your EV cred.

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