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2021 Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus: Video Review

Rory tests the 2021 Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus and asks if it really can improve on the already brilliant Model 3

Tesla has given electric car enthusiasts the perfect Christmas gift this holiday season - the new Model 3 Standard Range Plus, or SR+ for short. This rear-wheel drive model is the entry level to the Tesla Model 3 and benefits from a number of welcome updates. In keeping with this seasonal theme Rory’s gone Christmas tree shopping as a way of putting them to the test and see if Tesla boss Elon Musk has delivered on a wishlist of improvements he reckoned could have made the last Model 3 he drove even better.
There wasn’t much wrong with that car but Rory spotted a few things that weren’t quite perfect, the 2021 Model 3 SR+ including improved practicality, usability, range and some subtle visual tweaks into the bargain. For example, switching to a heat pump for keeping occupants warm in wintry weather is more efficient and contributes to the improved range, though there is a slight impact on the space in the front trunk, or ‘frunk’ as you’ll often hear it described. Double-glazed windows meanwhile make your drive more serene by blocking out wind, road and tyre noise. The car comes with an electric tailgate, which is extremely useful when you have your hands full with Christmas shopping. Also, no more worrying about your presents getting ruined by the rainwater seeping into the boot thanks to new guttering that safely channels it away. With a top speed of 140mph, the Model 3 SR+ goes 0-62mph in 5.3 seconds and has a range of 267 miles (as compared to the previous 250 miles) with a 50kWh battery that has a maximum charging speed of 170kW. And, spoiler alert, the roof is well capable of supporting a Christmas tree, as you’ll see in the video. Check out our Tesla Model 3 Performance review video or head to our YouTube channel for more exclusive videos - don’t forget to subscribe while you’re there!

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