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DVLA: which services can I access online?

Find out how you could save time by using DVLA's online services.

By using the DVLA’s online services, drivers can benefit from a simpler and more efficient service. In most cases, you simply fill an online form in step-by-step, and it can be done in under an hour (without the fuss of posting documents back and forth).
As it’s all online, you’ll often face shorter waiting times for essential documents, and so complete your transaction more quickly. So which DVLA services can you access online, and why should you? The DVLA offers three core services online: • telling the DVLA you’ve bought or sold a vehiclerenewing your photocard licencerenewing your licence at 70

Telling the DVLA you’ve bought or sold a vehicle

When you buy or sell a vehicle, you’ll need to tell the DVLA. You can do this using a simple online form, unless you’ve already sent your logbook (V5C) by post.
If you’re selling your car, you’ll need to tell the DVLA and give them the full name and address of the buyer. If you don’t, it might affect any VED refund you may be due. By using the online service, the DVLA database is updated immediately, and you get instant confirmation by email without having to send any documents in the post. This online service is available from 7am to 7pm every day. If you’re buying a car: • The seller can register the vehicle to you online, as detailed above. Use the car’s V5C-2 documents until the DVLA issues you with a new V5C. • Don’t forget to tax your new vehicle when you buy it, or register it as off the road by declaring it SORN. Both of these can also be done online. If you don’t get a V5C document, then question why and seriously consider a vehicle history check to make sure everything is above board. If you decide to proceed with the purchase, you’ll need a register the vehicle in your name using form V62 (application for a vehicle registration certificate) online. Tell the DVLA you’ve bought or sold a vehicle. Learn more about the paperwork you need when buying a used car.

Renewing your photocard licence

Photocard licences need to be updated every 10 years to ensure your photo is still an accurate likeness.
To renew your photocard licence online, you’ll need: • a valid UK passport • to be a resident of Great Britain (there’s a different service in Northern Ireland) • addresses of where you’ve lived over the last 3 years • your current driving licence • your National Insurance number You’ll need to pay £14 by debit or credit card. This is done via a secure portal on the site. If you’re over 70 or have a medical short period licence, there’s no fee. You cannot renew you licence online if you’ve been disqualified from driving. If you don’t have your current driving licence, you’ll have to explain why. Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the DVLA is experiencing delays in processing and issuing licences so factor this in if needed. Once you get your new licence, you’ll need to send the old one to the DVLA (they’ll give you the address). Renew your photocard licence.

Renewing your licence at 70

Once you reach 70, you’ll need to renew your driving licence every three years.
To use this online service, you’ll need an email address and addresses for everywhere you’ve lived for the last three years. You’ll also be asked for your National Insurance number, if you know it. If you want to change your licence photo, you’ll also need a valid UK passport number. You can renew your driving licence online for free if you’re aged 70 or over, or if you’ll turn 70 in the next 90 days. The DVLA recently warned drivers aged 70+ against using third-party sites, which can charge unnecessary handling fees. While third-party sites were reported to be charging up to £81 in handling fees, the sites are not affiliated with the DVLA and so applications made are not processed any more quickly. To avoid paying unnecessary additional fees, you’re best just using the official site.

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