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Try, Buy, Dream – April 2024

This month's cars out there to try, buy, or just dream about

Dan Trent

Words by: Dan Trent

Published on 2 April 2024 | 0 min read

Trying a car has never been easier - lots of car brands now offer subscription services on a monthly basis, with no down payment or exit fee so you can swap in and out of different models with minimal notice. Or you can lock in for longer, on a leasing deal, which still means you just pay a monthly amount and hand the car back at the end of the deal.
Then there’s the Buy choice, whether it’s paying for the car with cash or signing up to a fixed term finance deal with the option to buy the car at the end. These are cars that make good long-term sense. And finally our fave section, for dreamers everywhere. The new luxe stuff, the wishlist option or the treat yourself splurge, depending on how big that imagined windfall might be. Enjoy this month’s offerings!



The convenience and flexibility of subscription-based car ‘ownership’ is a great way of trying different models from within a manufacturer’s range, whether that be for the sheer novelty value or to avoid being locked into a car for a long period that may not account for life changes in that time, like kids growing bigger or suddenly gaining new hobbies requiring more luggage space. Promising a ‘five-minute sign up’ process Nissan makes it easy, a single monthly payment covering insurance, maintenance, servicing and roadside assistance and a 24-month term during which you can switch from a compact Leaf to a more luxurious and imposing Ariya as your budget permits. The Juke and Qashqai are also on the scheme, fuel (or electricity for charging) really your only additional cost.


Suzuki Swift

In an automotive age of electrification, automation and increasing complexity our recent drive in the new Suzuki Swift was a reminder there’s still a place for simple and affordable petrol-engined cars. Small, light and huge fun to drive the Swift is also affordable thanks to a launch offer with zero per cent APR finance, equating to monthly payment of £189 with a deposit just shy of £4,000. Hassle free motoring doesn’t come much more appealing, especially with Suzuki’s refreshingly vibrant colour options. We’ll have ours in the ‘Cool Yellow’ please!
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Lotus Eletre

Lotus fanboys look away because the brand’s future is not about the small, minimalist sports cars founder Colin Chapman was known for but, instead, large and luxurious electric vehicles like the Eletre SUV we have in on test at the moment. What those fanboys should realise, of course, is that if Chapman were still around and building cars like the Eletre would secure the brand’s future he would have done it in a flash. And when it’s carried off with this much style, presence and pizzazz why wouldn’t you want one in your life? We’re enjoying it enough that we really don’t want to give it back…
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