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Best of 2018 at Auto Trader

From the biggest car brands, to the biggest selling models, and everything in between, see what was the most popular on Auto Trader in 2018.

Yet again, it’s been a busy year at Auto Trader. Throughout 2018, millions of car buyers used the UK’s biggest motoring marketplace to find and buy their next car. Whether from a dealer or a private seller, whether for cash or on finance, we helped millions of cars find new homes.
With so many cars being bought and sold on Auto Trader, it doesn’t take long for patterns to emerge, and we thought we’d share some of these with you to see whether your thinking matches that of the great British car-buying public. Do your car-buying choices match everyone else’s, or are you one of those people who think a bit differently? Read on to find out…
Top five brands
The brands most searched for on Auto Trader during 2018 were…
BMW Audi Mercedes-Benz Volkswagen Ford
Top five models
The models Auto Trader users searched for most were…
Volkswagen Golf BMW 3 Series Mercedes-Benz C-Class Ford Focus BMW 1 Series
Top five hatchbacks
The humble hatchback has always been a favourite with UK car-buyers, and 2018’s most popular were…
Volkswagen Golf Ford Focus Audi A3 BMW 1 Series Vauxhall Astra
Top five saloons
Nothing says ‘executive’ like four doors, and 2018’s most searched-for saloons were…
BMW 3 Series Mercedes-Benz C-Class BMW 5 Series Mercedes-Benz E-Class Audi A3
Top five estates
Estate cars are popular with families and executives alike, and 2018’s most looked-for load-luggers were…
BMW 3 Series BMW 5 Series Mercedes-Benz E-Class Volkswagen Passat Mercedes-Benz C-Class
Top five coupes
Everyone loves to look glamorous, which is why people love a coupe. The most popular models in 2018 were…
Mercedes-Benz C-Class BMW 3 Series Mercedes-Benz E-Class BMW 1 Series Audi A5
Top five convertibles
Brits buy more convertibles than any other country in Europe, despite our questionable climate. Last year’s most desirable drop-tops were…
BMW 3 Series Mercedes-Benz E-Class BMW 4 Series BMW 6 Series Porsche 911
Top five SUVs
SUVs are about as popular as cars get these days, and these are the most popular of 2018…
Nissan Qashqai BMW X5 BMW X3 Volkswagen Tiguan Ford Kuga
Top five electric vehicles
Electric cars are becoming more and more popular all the time, and the most popular of 2018 were…
Nissan Leaf BMW i3 Renault Zoe Volkswagen e-Golf Hyundai Ioniq
Top five brand-new cars
You can buy a brand new car on Auto Trader just as easily as a used one. The most searched-for models among our many new car buyers were…
Ford Fiesta Ford Focus Volkswagen Golf Mercedes-Benz C-Class Mercedes-Benz A-Class
Top five brands on finance
Finance is a great way of spreading the cost of your new car, making it more affordable or allowing you to consider a more expensive car than if you bought outright. The most popular brands among buyers looking for a finance deal on Auto Trader in 2018 were…
BMW Audi Mercedes-Benz Volkswagen Ford
Top five models on finance
The individual models most searched-for by buyers looking for a finance deal on Auto Trader in 2018 were…
Volkswagen Golf BMW 3 Series BMW 1 Series Mercedes-Benz C-Class Audi A3
Most viewed videos of 2018
Throughout the whole of 2018, our editorial team was busy making video reviews, group tests, lifestyle features, news features and all sorts of other content. Here are the videos you watched most last year…
Suzuki Jimny first drive Hot hatch megatest BMW 3 Series group test REV Test: Budget SUVs First look: 2019 Kia Proceed Shooting Brake

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