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Top 5 best SUVs

These SUVs have enough style, space and versatility to tempt any car-buyer...

Words by: First published: 30th August 2016
Pretty much whatever you want from a car, there will be an SUV to fit the bill. From urban runaround to family car and, yes, even a sports car, SUVs can turn their wheels to it all – and there’s no better proof than these five cars. Between them, they have enough style, space and versatility to tempt any car-buyer.
  • Renault Captur
  • Renault Kadjar
  • Porsche Macan
  • Land Rover Discovery Sport
  • Volvo XC90
Renault Captur – the little one
The Captur is pretty small for an SUV, but one of its main attractions is just how much space there is inside. Its roomy cabin and boot mean it could even be put into use as a family car. There are some neat family-friendly features, too, like the reversible boot floor and removable seat covers on some models. Beyond that, it’s a really striking-looking little thing, and there’s lots of scope for buyers to personalise. To cap it all, the Captur is great to drive, striking a really nice balance between a comfortable ride and sharp handling.

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Renault Kadjar – the good-value one
Underneath, the Kadjar is pretty much the same car as the Nissan Qashqai – which is no bad thing – but not only does it have a style of its own, it’s also great value. Inside, the spacious cabin makes it ideally suited to use as a family-ferry: each of the five seats has loads of head- and leg-room. The boot is also an impressive size, with a movable floor that lets you open up more capacity or level out the steps in the load area, depending on your needs. For more versatility, you can opt for four-wheel drive, but unless you regularly drive in snow or mud, we wouldn’t bother. Besides, the front-wheel drive versions are fantastic to drive in their own right.

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Porsche Macan – the sporty one
If you’re looking for an SUV with the emphasis on ‘sport’, look no further than the Macan. It doesn’t just look like a 911 – Porsche’s most famous performance car – it drives like one, too. Every model – even the diesel – is genuinely quick, and the suspension is set up to give a properly sporty drive, with lots of grip and sharp handling. That’s not to say it isn’t practical, though. On the contrary, there’s decent headroom in any of the five seats and the boot will hold a reasonable 500 litres.

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Land Rover Discovery Sport – the off-roading one
Ask anyone to name an off-roader, and chances are they’ll think of a Land Rover. The Discovery Sport has all the ability away from Tarmac that you would expect of a Land Rover, so whether you want to escape into the wild or just tow a trailer down a sodden slipway, this is the ideal car to do it in. On the other hand, even if you get no further than the urban jungle, there’s lots to admire here, not least the spacious cabin that has seven seats on some versions, and the class-leading economy from the TD4 engine.

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Volvo XC90 – the posh one
When it comes to quality and design, the stylish XC90 isn’t just good, it’s setting new standards. Settle into the driver’s seat, and you can really appreciate the blend of high-class materials, superb build quality and cutting-edge technology. Best of all, Volvo hasn’t forgotten the things families value above all else. The XC90 is supremely spacious – with enough room for seven and even a decent boot with all the seats upright – as well as being a wonderfully comfortable and refined car to travel in. And, yes, before you ask, it’s also packed with class-leading safety kit.

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