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News 2 years ago

Paris Motor Show 2018: All you need to know

There are as many manufacturers not going to this year’s Paris Motor Show as there are going, but there’s still plenty to see and a good handful of car debuts to get excited about.
Hyundai Tucson Review 2 years ago

Hyundai Tucson SUV (2018 - ) review

The Hyundai Tucson is a stylish, five-seat, mid-size SUV operating in a fiercely competitive sector of the market packed with talented rivals – if not dazzling in any one area it’s a strong contender nonetheless
Review 2 years ago

Volkswagen Golf Hatchback (2017 - 2020) review

Even on the cusp of retirement and with a new model waiting in the wings the Volkswagen Golf remains a benchmark hatchback, with a model to suit almost every taste and requirement
2018 Lexus LS500h Review 2 years ago

Lexus LS 500h Saloon (2017 - ) review

The Lexus LS500h is a hybrid-powered luxury flagship offering a distinctively Japanese alternative to German giants like the Mercedes S-Class, BMW 7 Series and Audi A8
Review 2 years ago

Lexus RX L 450h SUV (2018 - ) review

Extra seats give the imposing and distinctive Lexus RX L extra practicality over its five-seater brother but its hybrid tech lags behind the plug-in options in rivals like the Volvo XC90
Advice 2 years ago

Benefits and downsides of owning an electric or hybrid car

If you're considering buying an electric or hybrid car, you might have heard quite a few arguments for and against them. We explain the positives and negatives of each, so you can see if an alternative fuel vehicle could work for you.
Advice 2 years ago

Electric and hybrid cars explained

With their low running costs and increasingly long ranges, more and more people in the UK are buying electric or hybrid cars. Whether you want to help save the planet or money on fuel, it’s well worth seeing if an electric car or hybrid is right for you.
2018 Volvo V60 Review 2 years ago

Volvo V60 estate (2018 - ) review

The Volvo V60 aims to be an estate car for a new era, adding more style and tech to a familiar formula. Read our in-depth review to find out whether it succeeds.
Advice 2 years ago

How to choose your next company car

A company car can be a great, tax-efficient perk, if you can make the numbers work for you. Here’s our simple guide to finding your perfect company car…
Tesla Model S Best Of 2 years ago

Best eco-friendly company cars 2019

You might not have considered it, but an alternative fuel car could make a great company car. Here are the best electric and hybrid models in 2019.
Feature 2 years ago

The REV Test: Hybrid cars

This week, Vicki, Erin and Rachael are testing three of the most popular hybrid cars, based on how people search for them at Auto Trader.
Feature 2 years ago

The range explained... Volkswagen

Don't know your Polo from your Passat, or the difference between a Tiguan and a T-Roc? Have no fear, here's our guide to every car sold by the world's biggest car manufacturer.
Review 2 years ago

Lexus NX 300h SUV (2017 - ) review

The Lexus NX is an award-winning hybrid SUV with bold styling and an distinctive character – it can’t match its plug-in hybrid rivals for efficiency or running costs, though
Lexus CT 200h Review 2 years ago

Lexus CT 200h Hatchback (2017 - ) review

The Lexus CT 200h is a premium hybrid hatchback using a mild electric boost to improve emissions and fuel consumption, albeit without the tax-busting advantages of plug-in alternatives