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Video Review | McLaren Artura Spider

Rory takes the McLaren Artura Spider for a drive to find out if it’s a legend in the making

Catherine King

Words by: Catherine King

Published on 20 June 2024 | 0 min read

Synonymous with pushing the boundaries and defying convention, McLaren has a rich history of building truly iconic supercars. Rory has already explored the brand’s evolution in his McLaren showdown video, explaining how the Artura Coupe is a natural successor to the cars of yesteryear. Now McLaren has upped the ante by removing the roof and creating the Artura Spider to take on the best convertibles money can buy.
Just like the coupe, the Artura Spider combines a V6 twin-turbocharged engine with a battery and motor, but unlike the existing coupe, it’s even more powerful. This is one seriously impressive hybrid, producing 700-horsepower. That’s more than three times the power of the latest Toyota Prius! Rory’s face says all you need to know about how the Artura Spider feels to drive. However, it’s not all plain sailing and his test drive doesn’t quite go to plan. You’ll have to watch the video to discover what happens. If you enjoyed this video give it a like and let Rory know your thoughts on the McLaren Artura Spider in the YouTube comments. You can also subscribe for more like it.