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Video: Range Rover Sport SV Review

Is the Range Rover Sport SV really a suitable track day car? Rory heads to a Formula 1 circuit to find out

Catherine King

Words by: Catherine King

Published on 22 March 2024 | 0 min read

Several things might come to mind when you hear the words Range Rover. Whether your first thoughts are of country houses or red-carpet events, you almost certainly wouldn’t imagine a Range Rover on a racetrack. Yet this is exactly where you’ll find Rory behind the wheel of the new Range Rover Sport SV.
So, what’s the deal here then? Well, there has been a Sport version of the Range Rover for nearly 20 years, and while it may have sleeker lines than its mud-plugging big brother, many have questioned whether ‘Sport’ really fits the 4x4 vibe. To prove a Range Rover can indeed combine luxury and performance, Land Rover Special Vehicle Operations invited Rory to take the Range Rover Sport SV for a spin around the Portimão Circuit in Portugal. An opportunity too good to turn down. As Rory explains, the Range Rover Sport SV packs a 4.4-litre twin-turbo V8 engine able to unleash 635 horsepower. Land Rover has reduced the weight of the SV compared to the standard model (all things relative) and a complex suspension system works to keep things under control. However, this is still an incredibly heavy car, so how does this all feel from the driver’s seat? You’ll have to watch the video to find out! After spending time out on the track, Rory considers what this car might actually be like to live with, and whether it still offers the premium Range Rover experience out on the road. It certainly won’t be cheap to run, with insurance alone costing as much as a small pre-loved family hatchback. Yet, as Rory races off into the sunset, the smile on his face says all you need to know about his feeling towards the Range Rover Sport SV. If you enjoyed this video make sure you hit like, subscribe for more like it and let Rory know what you think of the Range Rover Sport SV in the YouTube comments.