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Video | Maserati MC20 vs Corvette Z07

It’s a supercar stand-off as the Maserati MC20’s European sophistication meets the Corvette Z07’s all-American firepower

Dan Trent

Words by: Dan Trent

Published on 24 May 2024 | 0 min read

When it comes to supercars European manufacturers have always looked down their noses somewhat at their American rivals. Sure, they offer big engines, huge power outputs, easy-going charm and can demolish the quarter-mile sprint for breakfast. But this side of the pond we have the traditions of F1 racing, decades of finely-tuned engineering and long-standing traditions of elegant design that brash American rivals can’t hope to match.
Or can they? Because after years of sticking in its lane with evolutions of the classic Corvette Chevrolet has looked to European supercar manufacturers for inspiration. And, as Rory has found on previous drives, the latest mid-engined C8 and more potent Z06 offshoot are credible rivals for anything from Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren or others. At a fraction of the price. And with the optional Z07 package of track aero, sticky tyres and other upgrades it’s now even more fearsome. All very impressive. But can it match Europe’s best for sheer emotional appeal? Enter the Maserati MC20, the latest supercar from one of the most celebrated and storied names in the automotive world. With a history of motorsport success and beautiful road cars Maserati is one of the most emotive car brands out there, as demonstrated by the MC20’s combination of seductive design and highly tuned engineering. If anything can compete with the Corvette’s shock and awe approach to performance it has to be this. And where else to test the theory than a race track? Watch as Rory introduces both cars, lists their respective strengths and weaknesses and then heads out to see which plucks the heart strings harder. Will it be the Maserati’s beautiful carbon fibre bodywork and sophisticated, turbocharged V6 engine? Or the Corvette’s incredible high-revving V8 and track-focused extras? Hop alongside Rory and strap in tight to find out! And when you’ve caught your breath make sure you hit like, subscribe and hit the bell for notifications on more great videos like this!