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Kia reveals the e-Niro, an all-electric version of its Niro small SUV

The e-Niro has made its European debut at the Paris Motor Show. It will go on sale at the end of the year in the UK

  • Electric version of Kia’s small Niro SUV
  • Rivals the Hyundai Kona electric and Nissan Leaf
  • Goes on sale in the UK at the end of the year
The Kia e-Niro, the all-electric version of Kia’s small Niro SUV, has made its European debut at the Paris Motor Show.
The Niro EV looks a little different from the standard Niro hybrid/PHEV model. It’s got a new front end with a filled-in grille, charging port, and different daytime running lights. At the back, you also get different tail-lights. At launch, the e-Niro will be offered in two different variants: a 64kWh lithium ion battery pack version with up to 301 miles of range, and a 39.2kwH version with a smaller range of up to 193 miles. Both range figures are calculated using the new WLTP test cycle.
If using a 100kW charging point, the higher-capacity e-Niro will charge from 0-80% in 54 minutes, and 20-80% in 42 minutes.
The longer-range e-Niro produces 205 horsepower, with a claimed 0-62mph time of 7.8 seconds. The base e-Niro has 136 horsepower and can do 0-62mph in a claimed 9.8 seconds.
Inside the e-Niro, you get blue trim to differentiate between the hybrid Niro, and you use a dial to select ‘drive’, rather than a traditional gear selector. There’s also bit more storage in the centre console – thanks to the lack of transmission tunnel.
We don’t know how much the Kia e-Niro will cost, but it’s expected to start at a little more than the Hyundai Kona Electric (which costs from £25,000), as it’s a bit bigger. And it will go on sale in the UK at the end of the year. Find out more about all the cars at the 2018 Paris Motor Show.