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Hot VW ID.3 GTX and ID.7 GTX Tourer confirmed

Volkswagen spices up its electric range with new GTX versions of the ID.3 hatchback and ID.7 Tourer

Dan Trent

Words by: Dan Trent

Published on 14 March 2024 | 0 min read

While Volkswagen didn’t single-handedly invent the hot hatch with the first Golf GTI back in the mid-1970s it helped define it. Begging the question why it has been so cautious reinventing the genre for the modern age and creating a hot version of its Golf-sized VW ID.3 electric hatchback.
Sure, we’ve already had high performance GTX versions of the VW ID.4 and VW ID.5 SUVs, these accounting for one in five sales of both across Europe. And the Cupra Born has already demonstrated the potential for a hotter version of the ID.3 on which it is based on, as we enjoyed taking one on a track day! It’s even teased a concept GTI version of the new ID.2all hatch as well. In the way of things, though, you wait ages for one Volkswagen GTX model and then two arrive at once, with confirmation of that long-awaited ID.3 GTX as well as a similarly hot version of the ID.7 Tourer. What took them so long?!


Available in two versions – the 286 horsepower GTX and 326 horsepower GTX Performance – the hot version of the new ID.3 differs from other GTX models in using a single motor at the rear, rather than the twin-motor, all-wheel drive of its bigger brothers. That VW is making its most powerful ID model yet purely rear-wheel drive will make enthusiastic drivers sit up and take notice, especially given hot hatches like the Golf GTI and its many rivals have traditionally put their power down through the front wheels.
Why does it matter? Well, traditionally rear-wheel drive was only found in performance and sports cars, BMW making it one of its signatures for many years. Those who care about such things reckon leaving the front wheels to do the steering and the rear ones the driving makes for better handling, but on electric cars it’s more about packaging of batteries and motors as much as anything though, as the ID.3-based Cupra Born we had on long-term test proved, it can make for a more fun driving experience as well. Sticking with a single-motor arrangement does, meanwhile, mean acceleration can’t match the supercar-chasing stats of other all-wheel drive electric cars and even the likes of a Volvo EX30 will leave the ID.3 in the dust away from the lights. We’ll have to hope the handling makes up for that, VW including tech like adjustable suspension familiar from its GTI and R versions of high-performance combustion-engined Golfs. This will be reserved for the top-of-the-line Performance version but all ID.3 GTXs get a sportier set-up for suspension and steering. A new 79kWh battery meanwhile means a predicted range of over 370 miles while charging rates have also been increased.
But how will people know you’re in a GTX, given pose value is as much a part of hot hatch ownership as performance? Fear not, VW has you covered there, with a revised front bumper with bigger intake and arrow-shaped running lights. Contrasting gloss black for the front spoiler, side skirts, mirrors, roof trims and diffuser style rear bumper trim element also help you stand out, ditto part diamond cut GTX-specific 20-inch wheels. Sports seats covered in a new recycled material and with contrast red stitching meanwhile keep the sporty vibes going on the inside and if, by any chance, you forget you’re in a GTX you’ll find numerous reminders around the cabin thanks to additional branding and badging.


What if you like the sound of a hot, GTX-branded electric Volkswagen but the ID.3 version isn’t big enough and you don’t like the looks of the lumpier ID.4 or ID.5 equivalents? Don’t worry, VW has you covered here as well!
The most powerful Volkswagen estate yet built (cue sad faces from owners of Golf R estates), the ID.7 GTX Tourer combines the 340 horsepower punch of the twin-motor powertrain with the sleek yet practical body of the regular Tourer. A big 86kWh battery also means staying power between charging stops, which will be quicker when they occur thanks to an uprated 200kW peak charging speed if you can find a suitably rapid hook-up. Like the other GTX models the ID.7 version gets a unique ‘face’ thanks to a special bumper and grille ensemble, distinctive lights, gloss black trim elements, GTX-specific wheels, various branded trim elements inside and a distinctive new Kings Red metallic paint option. This is also available for the ID.3 GTX and, to our eyes, looks a welcome change from the blacks, greys and silvers currently everywhere on the roads. While perhaps a little lower than the ID.4 and ID.5 equivalents the boot is still huge with the seats up, and usefully massive with them lowered. All in all the combination of sportiness, practicality and luxury looks pretty appealing and great news for those left cold by tall-riding SUVs and crossovers.