Choosing the right car for your four-legged friends is a challenge many face, underlined by the fact 34 cars were in contention for this prize. Comfort, space and practicality are clearly top of the list for dog owners, with big boots and flexible load areas also important to accommodate the crates, harnesses and restraints required by law for safely transporting your pet.

The Kia Sportage and Volvo XC60 both scored well, which isn’t surprising given their tough, outdoorsy image. But the Skoda Karoq was a clear winner, with owners complimenting it for ease of parking, safety features, running costs and the range of accessories.
“Easy and comfortable to drive with great reliability,” said one owner. “I love the amount of space this car has,” said another. “I have four dogs, which requires a big boot.”

These qualities certainly fit with Skoda’s reputation for building reliable, practical and no-nonsense cars perfectly suited to slotting into hectic lifestyles. In this respect the Karoq is a worthy winner.

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