Handy guides

Handy guides

Advice 2 months ago

Best cars for snow

Winter's not done yet and, whether for home or the winter roadtrip abroad, here are our favourite snow-ready cars
Guide 6 months ago

Driving in rain and floods

Worried about driving in Storm Dennis? Here's how to protect yourself and your car when driving in heavy rain and flooding.
What is car wrapping? Guide 1 year ago

What is car wrapping?

Fancy changing the look of your car, but don’t want a full paint respray? Car wrapping is a great way to refresh your car’s appearance.
Advice 1 year ago

What’s a Category S or Category N car?

Category S (Cat S) and Category N (Cat N) are a type of insurance category given to a vehicle if it has been written off by an insurance company because it’s uneconomical to repair. However, just because a car has been 'written off', it doesn't necessarily mean you should reject buying it.

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