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New Car finance

What are the ways you could pay for your new car, and what are the pros and cons?

  • What to look for in a PCP deal

    The PCP – or Personal Contract Purchase – is a very popular way of buying a new car. Here are some of the best cars you can buy on a PCP deal.

    Guide 2 months ago

  • APR and flat rate interest explained

    Your guide to what APR interest rates mean for car buyers, what a good APR rate looks like, and how to find good deals on car finance interest rates.

    Guide 7 months ago

  • What is Personal Contract Purchase (PCP)?

    PCP is one of the most popular types of car finance. Find out if you’re eligible, what you’ll be paying back each month and how to get great PCP...

    Guide 8 months ago

  • What is Hire Purchase (HP)?

    With Hire Purchase, you can buy a new or used car in monthly instalments. Would this work for you? Our guide looks at the total cost, pros and cons,...

    Guide 8 months ago

  • PCP vs HP: Which is right for me?

    Looking to buy a car on finance? Here, we compare the two most popular options: Hire Purchase (HP) and Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) on cost,...

    Guide 8 months ago

  • Should I buy a car with outstanding finance? 2021 update

    With more and more cars being bought on finance, it’s possible the car you’re looking to buy might have finance owing on it. Here's what you can do...

    Advice 8 months ago

  • Buying a car using a credit card 2021

    We look at your options when it comes to buying a new car using a credit card, and whether it's worth considering.

    Guide 8 months ago

  • PCP vs PCH: Which is right for me?

    When it comes to making monthly payments for a vehicle, the most popular options are PCP and PCH (car leasing). Here, we look at the details of each...

    Guide 1 year ago

  • Starter's guide to car leasing with PCH

    Is PCH (Personal Contract Hire) right for you? In this blog, Auto Trader explore how PCH works, what you’ll pay and how, how PCH and PCP compare,...

    Guide 2 years ago

  • Finance quiz: Which type of car finance is right for you?

    Finance is an increasingly popular way to buy a car. Rather than saving for months to buy a car outright, you can split the cost over monthly...

    Guide 2 years ago

  • Car finance jargon buster

    The A-Z of car finance, explained.

    Guide 2 years ago

  • Auto Trader Market Report: Car subscription services

    In the age of Netflix and Spotify, would you pay for access to a car by monthly subscription?

    Feature 3 years ago

  • 0% car finance deals 2021

    Learn more about 0% finance and find out if you're eligible for an interest-free loan - and whether you should apply for one.

    Guide 3 years ago

  • Best new car deals

    Looking for a new car? Don't get caught paying over the odds. Here's our guide to some of the best deals available.

    Feature 3 years ago

  • What is GAP Insurance and do I need it when buying a car?

    Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) insurance may sound tempting, but is it worth signing up for?

    Guide 3 years ago

  • Applying for car finance

    If you’re thinking about buying a car on a finance agreement, find out everything you need to before committing to a contract.

    Guide 3 years ago

  • Car finance explained

    If you’re trying to get your head around car finance, and you don’t know your balloon payments from your monthly instalments, and your PCPs from...

    Guide 3 years ago

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