The Audi RS4 Avant has always been a great choice for those looking for a car that blends blistering pace with family-friendly practicality, but it has arguably always lived in the shadow of its big brother, the RS6 Avant.

But is that fair? To find out, Rory travelled to Morocco to get behind the wheel of the latest RS4 Avant, which features a sharp new look and upgraded tech.

But there’s a catch. He’s only got four hours with the car. Is that enough to discover whether this super-estate is as super as its larger sibling?

Find out as Rory puts the RS4 through its paces on a gravel road and pits it against the urban battleground that is Marrakesh city traffic. There’s a flat tyre to contend with, too, and a contest to see just how many plant pots he can fit in the boot.

Is the RS4 Avant now an even better all-rounder than the RS6 Avant? Let’s see.

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