Tech is an increasingly important motivation for any new car buying decision and manufacturers are falling over themselves to distinguish themselves from the competition by offering ever-increasing functionality in their cars. But who’s doing it best?

Kia and Volvo were both commended but the winner is Jaguar, a brand that’s successfully navigated the transition from classic ‘old man’s car’ into a technology leader. An impressive feat.
The speed with which Jaguar is pushing ahead with new tech is embodied by its all-electric I-Pace, already leading the way with its touch-screen controls and connected features but recently updated with an all-new infotainment system to make the interface between car, smartphone and wider world even slicker.

Across the range even the little stuff like keyless entry scores well with owners, too.

“The interior is top class, with superb driver aids and tech on hand,” said one typically enthusiastic Jaguar owner. “The iPhone app is a boon, especially being able to start the car remotely on cold days.”