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Auto Trader’s Highly Rated Retailers 2020

Auto Trader’s annual Highly Rated Retailer Awards are back for 2020.

Published on 13 July 2020 | 0 min read

Every year, Auto Trader recognises the retailers who are providing the highest level of customer service through the Highly Rated campaign.
This year, over 1,800 retailers were recognised as being Highly Rated by their customers on Auto Trader.
How do retailers become Highly Rated on Auto Trader?
Highly Rated retailers are those with the very best customer reviews on our site who have built their brand reputation on trust and transparency with their customers. Those who are Highly Rated will display a badge on their adverts and in their dealership, and they’ll also have a logo on their Auto Trader profile page – where you can learn a bit more about them.
How are Highly Rated retailers chosen?
Highly Rated retailers are selected based on the reviews and feedback of their real-life customers.
To get a badge on their profile, Highly Rated retailers will: • Have an average customer rating of at least four stars in Auto Trader’s marketplace • Have a certain number of high-quality reviews • Regularly engage with customer reviews and contribute to Auto Trader’s amazing community If a retailer has a Highly Rated badge, it’s because their customers have spoken and have consistently recognised their excellent customer service and experience.
How are retailers adapting to the new normal?
Even in normal circumstances, being named a Highly Rated retailer is a huge achievement; but it is especially true in the current climate.
The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has changed the ways of working for many retailers, as they adapt to meet government guidelines and the expectations of car buyers. Retailers have worked hard to meet concerns about personal safety and social distancing. They’ve also moved fast to accommodate car buyers who are spending more time researching online before they make their purchase. Many are even accommodating rising trends like customer collection and home delivery. To help car buyers like you feel safe and get all the information you need before you book an appointment to visit a forecourt, dealerships are also taking full advantage of Auto Trader’s new ad features. These features highlight any COVID-19 safety features being implemented and can also highlight whether home delivery or live video viewings are available. You can learn more about these features here.