For many of us, long car journeys are part and parcel of everyday life, so you’ll be pleased to know there are plenty of cars that are perfect for covering long distances.
Skoda Superb
Available in saloon or estate form, this car offers unbelievable value for money. The rear legroom is amazing, you get little creature comforts like umbrellas in the doors, the cabin is quiet, the boot is large and it’s all frankly a pleasant surprise.

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Blue Skoda Superb driving through woodland
Close-up of the the Skoda Superb's headlights
Lexus RX-L
Face-lifted recently, you’ll be hard pressed to spot any design differences, but there are a few significant changes like smartphone connectivity and a new, larger screen.

The RX-L is the seven-seat version, if you need it, otherwise the standard RX offers a lot of space and comfort for five passengers and a very refined, quiet ride courtesy of a smooth hybrid system. For a large SUV, you’ll get decent fuel economy.

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White Lexus RX
Red and black Lexus RX interior
Ford Focus estate
A great choice for those with dogs or children looking for a value-for-money estate. The interior is resistant to muddy feet and clutter, with cubby holes and smooth surfaces. Best of all, however, is the driving delight of this car over long distances: beautiful steering, supple suspension and frugal engines.

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Red Ford Focus estate parked in front of a woodland driveway
Ford Focus estate parked on a Mediterranean driveway
Audi Q7
The big premium one for those who need of a lot of space and don’t mind the challenge of parking this beast. Inside, Audi’s superior tech awaits; with an infotainment gallery beautifully laid out on tilted glass screens that makes you feel like you’re piloting a jumbo jet, plus a range of smooth leathers in subtle colours. Stretch out and enjoy the (very smooth) ride.

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Audi Q7 driving on a tarmac road
Silver Audi Q7 parked in a forest
Aston Martin DB11
Probably the most graceful GT on the market, with sleek lines, gentle curves and futuristic LEDs: it hits the spot with the subtle panache of a decent cocktail in a jazz bar. And it’s British through and through. GT stands for Grand Tourer, and this baby is built to stride across continents before breakfast: fast, comfy and oh so quick.

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Black Aston Martin DB11 driving past orange cliffs
Aston Martin DB11 parked in front of a night sky
Range Rover
With its high driving position and wide, leather-clad armchairs up front, this is the 4x4 for high mileages. Large windows and panoramic sunroofs let plenty of light in, and if you opt for the plug-in hybrid you’ll get the twin joys of better due economy and up to 30 miles of silent driving.

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White Range Rover parked in front of an old church
Rear view of the Range Rover
Volvo V90
The estate to end all estates. Truly sumptuous, especially with the pale leather interior, and the bespoke twin dog cages in the rubber-mat-lined boot. Acres of leg space, a large and intuitive infotainment screen and hardly any noise or vibration threatening the interior. Shhhhhh…

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White Volvo V90 driving through a wood
Interior of the Volvo V90
Citroen C4 Grand Picasso
A great family long-distance people carrier. MPVs have gone out of fashion but here is a reason to stay in the market: a great French car with innovative storage solutions (under the rear floor, under the front seat etc.) that leaves the interior clutter-free for family trips.

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Side view of a white Citroen C4 Grand Picasso
Front of a white Citroen C4 Grand Picasso parked on a drive