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Electric and eco-friendly

Electric cars - everything you need to know

Whether you’re considering going electric or just want to know more, read our range of helpful guides.

Pros and cons of electric cars

Helping you to decide on whether an electric car is right for you.

Man smiling at child as he connects the charger to his electric vehicle.

How to charge an electric car

Learn all about charging an electric car, including how charge points work, which cables & connectors you’ll need, and understanding times and costs.

Read more about charging

Buying a used electric car

Not sure if you should buy a used electric car? Here’s everything you need to know.

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Cheapest new electric cars

Find out the top 10 cheapest electric cars you can buy today.

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Maintaining an electric car

Your guide to maintenance and servicing when it comes to electric cars.

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10 electric cars with best range

Range anxiety? Here are the electric cars you need to know about.

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Cars that don’t break the bank

Getting behind the wheel of a safe, reliable and enjoyable car doesn't need to cost a fortune.

Search your way

Cash or finance? You can choose how you’d like to pay. Use our filters to find cars in your price range.

Woman and man at kitchen table looking at tablet and smiling.

Find the right car for your budget

Looking for a smaller price tag, good value, or lower running costs? We’ve got tips and tools to help you find the best car for your budget.

Explore our budget tips
top tips

Manage your budget

We’re sharing our top tips for keeping car-related costs down, before and after you buy.

Read our budget tips

Find cars under £5,000

Whether you’re looking for your first car or one to nip to the shops in, we’ve got you covered.

Find a budget-friendly car

13 ways to save money and fuel

Check out our ideas to save you time and money with eco-friendly driving habits.

More saving tips

Find out what you can afford

Use our finance calculator to work out how much you can afford each month and how finance works.

Try our finance calculator
Smart tech and features

Fancy tech and useful gadgets

From remote self-parking to wireless smartphone integration, here's all the latest and best in-car tech.

The 8 most amazing car tech features

Our pick of the most surprise-and-delight in-car technology available today.

Person looking in backseat at a very large dog. Dog is blocking the driver’s rearview mirror.

Parking problems, be gone!

Parking can be a pain at the best of times, but if you have an energetic dog, lively passengers or a load of bags blocking your view, a rear-view camera can come in handy.

Search cars with cameras

The Auto Trader best tech brand winner is…?

See which carmaker won our award for the best tech on the market!

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Everything you need to know about Apple CarPlay

Apple CarPlay is a wonderful bit of infotainment tech. Here's how it works.

Find out more about Apple CarPlay
car reviews

What's an Ora Funky Cat?

The Funky Cat is full of clever tech, including a facial recognition safety feature.

More on the Ora Funky Cat
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The best in-car infotainment systems

Not all in-car touchscreens are equal. Here are the best ones on the market.

More on touchscreens
Space, family and pets

Cars with room to grow

Need a car with a bit of extra room for your shopping, kids, plants or pets? We’ve got you covered.

Search, but way more specific

What really matters to your family?Use our keyword search to find the perfect car to suit your life.

One man holding a baby and bag, whilst another man pulls push chair out of boot.

We’re gunna need a bigger boot!

Most of our cars include information about boot space and handy suitcase size guide, use the filter on our advanced search.

Search for cars with large boot space
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Best family cars 2023

Find out what to look for in a family car and our top picks for families in 2022.

More about family cars
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A place for your pooch

Dogs need plenty of space to roll around and good suspension. Check out our recommendations.

Find a dog-friendly car

Finding a seven-seater vehicle

It can be a little trickier to find a car if you need more than five-seats, but we're here to help.

Search for seven-seaters
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Best family SUVs and crossovers

A high-riding SUV makes a great family car. Here are our favourites, including electric options.

Read about the best family SUVs

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A comment from Auto Trader's @autotraderuk Instagram account: what car would you recommend for a new family?

Gemma H

Something that is a 4x4 so they can tackle the school run in safety.

A tikTok post which asks a question: What's the most used tech feature in your car? Let us know in the comments.


Turning it on remotely to defrost the windscreen and warm the seats and the steering wheel 🔥 🚗

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