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BMW 2 Series

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BMW 2 Series Coupe (2017 - )

Fashions in this sector of the market are changing and traditional coupes are squeezed on all sides by sporty crossovers and premium hot hatches. As such the 2 Series Coupe looks and feels decidedly old-school, though for some buyers and long-time BMW fans that will be exactly the appeal, especially in its most potent M240i form. The lower-spec versions face a tougher challenge though, be that from trendy Minis or more up-to-date Audi TTs.
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Previously the 2 Series Coupe looked expensive compared with the 1 Series on which it was based but the latter is now an all-new car with a completely different layout, meaning the Coupe can now stand on its own two feet. Squeezed between hot hatches on one side and trendy crossovers on the other, the 2 Series remains a ‘discretionary purchase’ whose closest on-paper rival would be the Audi TT. Against the entry-level TT the mid-range 220i Coupe M-Sport is more expensive up front, slower and will cost a tad more in fuel. The BMW scores better for C02 though, which will appeal to company drivers if they can convince their fleet manager a two-door coupe is acceptable.

It is cheaper to buy to a comparable 3 Series saloon , the premium over the 1 Series less relevant since that car switched to a more conventional hatchback format. Diesel versions are better on both fuel and CO2, though there’s not a huge difference in running costs between the 218d and the more powerful 220d.

BMW’s pay monthly three-year service plan meanwhile fixes maintenance costs, includes two services, the first MoT and includes ongoing fluid top-ups and ‘seasonal health checks’ to help spread the costs of upkeep.

BMW 2 Series buying and leasing deals

With 9 new and 2,112 used BMW 2 Series cars available on Auto Trader, we have the largest range of cars for sale across the UK.

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Most popular trims on Auto Trader

M Sport
£8,999 to £41,273
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£7,000 to £31,990
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£17,995 to £42,990
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