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2018 Volkswagen Touareg Review 2 years ago

Volkswagen Touareg SUV (2018 - ) review

The Touareg is the flagship of the Volkswagen range and a confident player in the luxury SUV field, combining newly assertive style with tons of cutting-edge technology
Feature 2 years ago

The range explained... Volkswagen

Don't know your Polo from your Passat, or the difference between a Tiguan and a T-Roc? Have no fear, here's our guide to every car sold by the world's biggest car manufacturer.
2016 Volkswagen Up Review 2 years ago

Volkswagen Up hatchback (2016 - ) review

Read all about the Up, the baby Volkswagen with big ideas and a winning combination of style, quality and refinement in all models, plus the option of sporty GTI and all-electric versions too
2018 Volkswagen Up GTI Review 2 years ago

Volkswagen Up GTI hatchback (2018 - ) review

Being small, light and reasonably powerful, the Volkswagen Up GTI aims to recapture the spirit of the original 1970s Golf GTI. But, can a tarted-up city car really encapsulate the true essence of a hot hatch icon? You bet it can…
2017 Volkswagen T-Roc styling News 2 years ago

Volkswagen launches T-Roc small SUV

There’s no stopping small SUVs at the moment. This latest new model from VW will compete with models such as the Vauxhall Mokka X, Nissan Juke, Peugeot 2008 and Seat Arona.
Volkswagen Arteon 2017 Review 2 years ago

Volkswagen Arteon Saloon (2017 - ) review

Halfway between a regular hatchback and conventional saloon, the sleek-looking Arteon lacks premium pose value but comes with plenty of tech and standard kit
Volkswagen Golf Best Of 3 years ago

Best long-distance cars

From family hatchbacks to estate cars, and luxury cars to grand tourers, there’s something here for everyone.
2017 Renault Zoe Best Of 3 years ago

Top 5 best city runarounds

If you live – or do most of your driving – within the city limits, you’ll be best off with a very particular type of car.
2017 Volkswagen Golf Estate Review 3 years ago

Volkswagen Golf Estate (2017 - ) review

For die-hards who still favour an estate car over a crossover or compact SUV the Golf is one of the best, with a winning combination of size and practicality.