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Video: Tesla Model S Plaid Track Package

Silent and deadly, Rory lets rip in Tesla’s outrageous, 1,020 horsepower Model S Plaid to see if the Track Package lives up to the name

Dan Trent

Words by: Dan Trent

Published on 11 December 2023 | 0 min read

Where can you go beyond ludicrous? When Tesla first used the word to describe the acceleration on its cars it was already offering EVs that could out accelerate Ferraris and Lamborghinis. But the latest Model S Plaid goes even further, with three motors, over 1,000 horsepower and the ability to go sub-two seconds to 60mph if you choose to accept the brand’s rather cheeky subtraction for what it calls ‘rollout’ off the line.
Split tenths on that as much as you like, the Model S Plaid is clearly insanely fast. But with that kind of acceleration, and the potential to now hit 200mph, exactly where can you really put it to the test? That’s right, on a track. And to do that justice you need to dig a little deeper in your pocket for another £16,000 or so for the optional Track Package. Which is what Rory is testing here. Where most Tesla upgrades are done over the air and via the car’s software the Track Package comprises actual mechanical components you need to order from your Tesla dealer and have fitted there once they’ve shipped. Available for any post-2022 Model S Plaid, the package addresses the things you really need if you’re going to be doing those speeds on track – namely better tyres and brakes. These comprise giant carbon ceramic discs grabbed by bigger calipers, and if you haven’t already got 20- or 21-inch wheels you’ll need to add these to your basket as well. A firmware update to unlock the Track Package goodness is also part of the deal, and uploaded once the mechanical parts have been fitted. And from there? Well, watch the video and find out what it does. And whether all this firepower is enough to hold off not one but two very accomplished hot EV rivals. Hopefully you enjoy the video, and if you have any comments or questions join the comments thread below it to share your thoughts. Make sure to hit like and, if you haven’t already, subscribe to the channel for more.

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