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Video: Is your car’s computer causing crashes?

Are Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, like active lane keeping assist and automatic braking, making journeys more dangerous? Rory explores the unintended downsides of ADAS.

Nearly all modern cars come with some level of Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS), and they're getting more sophisticated all the time. Whether these systems turn the wheel to keep us in lane or automatically brake the vehicle in an emergency, they’re welcome innovations but, as Rory explores in this video, there could be some unintended consequences.
Indeed, a touchy ADAS that slams the brakes on over minor movements, or panics any time the car nears a white line can end up being a bit like the boy who cried wolf. Too many false positives can result in drivers ignoring the warning signals, or even turning them off once they get tired of having the brakes slammed on or the wheel jerked to keep the car aligned. There's also a danger some drivers rely too heavily on the systems and get out of the habit of actively checking blindspots or other good habits because they expect the sensors to do it for them. As Rory points out, though, these minor irritations may a price worth paying for the very real improvements in safety the systems deliver more often than not, one study indicating that the automatic emergency braking technology soon to be mandatory in all cars can prevent nearly one in two rear-end collisions. Clearly, it's a complicated topic, but one Rory explores in greater detail in the video. So make sure you check it out!
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