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Polestar Precept video preview

Rory looks at the Polestar Precept - a gorgeous car that could well be a vision of things to come in the EV market.

The Polestar Precept concept is an all-electric luxury saloon built with sustainable materials and futuristic design elements.
The Polestar Precept is an all-new model for the brand, which has plans to build a carbon-neutral manufacturing plant dedicated solely to the Precept in China. Billed as the next stage of Polestar’s design journey, the Precept serves as a blueprint for its future – and what a future it looks set to be.
Polestar Precept design
The Polestar Precept blends swooping lines, sharp creases and muscular haunches with the dimensions (and doors) of a supercar. It’s stunning to look at – from the split ‘Thor’s hammer’ headlights to the LIDAR sensors on the top.
Like any good electric car, the Precept has been designed to be aerodynamic and light, and the Precept includes hidden features like a hole in the bonnet that channels free-flowing air over the surface of the car to minimise drag.
Polestar Precept interiors
The Polestar Precept’s interior is as sleek and futuristic as the exterior.
The four cabin seats are made from recycled and sustainable materials, including recycled plastic bottles and fishing nets for 3D knitted fabric, recycled cork and flax. These materials look incredible and contribute to the car overall abilities – making it 50 per cent lighter, safer and reducing vibrations. There’s an enormous sunroof – made from one pane of glass – that doesn’t have a beam, C-pillar or B-pillar. It’s just one swooping coupe roofline that results in more headroom and more light, and looks amazing from any angle. Up front, there’s a massive 15-inch infotainment touch-screen and a secondary 12.5-inch screen.
Polestar Precept price and release date
The Polestar Precept will officially be going into production and is currently set to launch in 2023.
As it’s such early days, there’s no price range available yet. Based on its size, it’s likely to compete with the Tesla Model S, so we may see it debut in that price bracket. Don’t forget to subscribe on YouTube for more of the latest previews and expert reviews.

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